Tuesday 27 September 2016

Main: (518)674-7000 Fax: 674-7046
Attendance: 674-7024
Counseling Center: 674-7025
Health Office: 674-7020


Library Policies

Library hours:   7:10-3:00 
Loan Periods
All books are loaned for three weeks. Students are expected to return library books or renew them when they are due.
Overdue notices will be sent to first block teachers and subsequent notices will be mailed home.


To visit the library on your free time:

Study Hall

Obtain a pre-signed pass from the library at the circulation desk . Report to Study Hall and show the pass to your teacher. Report directly to the library and check in at the circulation desk. If you leave the library for any reason, please let the circulation desk know.

Before School:

No pass is needed to use the library at this time


Obtain a pre-signed pass from the library at the circulation desk before lunch. Report to the library directly from class or the cafeteria. Show your pass to the teacher on duty at the cafeteria hallway.

After School:

Sign in at the circulation desk. There is no afterschool bus so please arrange transportation in advance. You must have work to do after school.  This time is to be used for academic purposes. An academic atmosphere will be maintained.

Behavior expected while you are in the library

The library belongs to all of us. It is expected that students will be respectful one another and the materials in the library. Small group work is welcome as is a reasonable noise level. Please keep in mind we all have different noise levels as which it is possible to concentrate on schoolwork.your neighbor in the library might be taking a test or having a difficult time staying focused on work. Please be considerate.

There is no food or drink allowed in the library. Yes, this does mean you! Yes, this includes your morning coffee, egg sandwich, Cheetos, AND your juice!

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