2012 Budget Vote Exit Survey

Voters were asked to fill out an exit survey after voting May 15th. Results of that survey are available here.


Averill Park School Budget Results

The Averill Park School Budget Passed and Chris Foster and Jessica Zweig were elected to the Board of Education. The numbers are below:

Budget Vote:



Board of Education Vote:

Chris Foster- 2616 -Winner

Stuart Nippes- 1764

Jessica Zweig- 2612-Winner

Thank you to all that came to vote!


2012 Budget Newsletter

5 Year Budget Projection

Three Part Budget

Budget Presentation April 3, 2012

Budget Presentation March 27, 2012

Understanding the property tax cap as it relates to Averill Park schools

Budget Presentation March 20, 2012

Budget Frequently Asked Questions 2012-2013

2012-2013 Revenues Proposed Budget 2012-2013 March 15 Presentation March 8, 2012 Community Forum Budget Presentation February 28, 2012

Budget Calendar 2012-2013


Understanding New York's Property Tax Cap

The AverillParkCentralSchool District has begun the process of creating a proposed spending plan for the 2012-13 school year. While the budget process timeline will remain largely the same, school officials will have a dramatic change in their budget development process this year in the form of New YorkState's Property Tax Cap.


Contacting our Elected Officials Regarding our School District

The Governor is proposing a third “One Time” Gap Elimination Assessment (GEA) to our school district. The proposed assessment for the upcoming school year is $4 million for a total of $11 million. This means our state aid revenue will be reduced by $4 million or a loss of almost 20%.

To be responsible fiscal stewards, the district has made the cuts and consolidations as well as have used up our reserves – as Albany has called for. We are in good standing with the State Education Department and spend money per pupil wisely.

Attention needs to be focused on Albany to provide support to districts that are doing the right thing. The community has felt the impact of the first two years of the GEA. Coupled with the Tax Levy Cap this reduction in revenue will have a devastating impact on the program currently provided to our children.

The State budget will be finalized in mid March so our voices need to be heard now. We need to ask for mandate relief and the removal once and for all of the GEA.

Please contact our state legislators to ask their assistance. Contact information and sample letters can be Elected Officials.


Averill Park Holds First Community Budget Forum, Next Forum March 8th

The first in a series of budget forums was held on Wednesday February 8, 2012 in the High School Cafeteria. Presentations were given by Assistant Superintendent for Business Michael Ouimet and Superintendent Michael Marcelle regarding the budget situation in the AverillParkCentralSchool District. About 80 members of the community attended this forum. After the presentations were made (which are posted below) the community members were asked to get into groups and answer a series of three questions. The information captured that evening is posted here. The information collected will be reviewed by the Board of Education to help them in decision making for the upcoming budget. Items captured from February 8th will be discussed at the next budget forum on March 8th.


Community Fund Raising for Athletics

The AverillParkCentralSchool District had to make many difficult decisions in preparing the 2011-2012 school budget. Reductions were made in staffing, programs and services throughout all district buildings and within each educational level.

The athletic department saw the elimination of all freshman sports, indoor track and several assistant coaches. These sports and assistant coaching positions can only be considered for reinstatement pending the availability funds, to be raised through community fundraising efforts.


2012-2013 Rollover Budget Presentation February 2012

Budget Video-Cleveland Hill School District

Property Tax Cap Charter 97 of the Laws of 2011

(Presentation given at the BOE meeting on Tuesday December 13)

Independent Audit Report & Financial Statement for June 30, 2011