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The following is a brief description of the school bus routes for the Averill Park Central School District for the 2019-2020 school year.

The routes will provide parents and students with school bus numbers, the daily route area of each, and the time the bus leaves to start the route. There will be trial bus runs on Tuesday September 3, 2019 for all of our bus routes including private or parochial runs. Some private and parochial schools will have a different start dates, the first day Averill Park buses will be transporting will be on September 4, 2018.

Some bus routes, as well as the bus numbers, have changed to accommodate pupil enrollment and locations. Current bus numbers have been given to the schools. If your child is coming from and/or going to a sitter, you MUST fill out an Alternate Transportation form immediately and return it to the transportation department
(This form is found under Services, Transportation on the Averill Park CSD web page)

Please keep in mind that all buses are full and pupils may not change bus assignments during the school year. In the case of uncontrollable circumstances a parent or guardian will need to contact the school principals for any exceptions. Students are strongly encouraged to be at their bus stop TEN minutes ahead of time to be sure they don’t miss the bus, and to also be in a location that makes them clearly visible to the driver (on porches, in doorways, in vehicles are not acceptable).

The Transportation Department’s phone number is 518-674-7070.

Classes for Averill Park district schools grades 1-12 begin on Wednesday, September 4, 2018. Kindergarten will begin on Thursday, September 5, 2018.

The following streets & roads listed are those that the bus will pick students up and drop off ONLY! Some cul-de-sac and dense communities will have designated bus stops. It is imperative that your child get on the bus that serves your street ONLY!! If other arrangements have been made, such as special education & private/parochial, you will be notified of the bus number and time of pick up separately.


BUS # 10 —Depart 6:45–First p/u 4243 Rt 150, p/u @ Rt#150 & Morlock Dr , Left on @ Sheer Rd p/u ,Sheer Rd.& Adams Ct, Right on Hoffy,Right on Bitting Rd, Left on Rt#150 Left on Millers Crn,Left on Rabie Rd, Left on Bitting Rd Right on NY 150, @ Edwards Dr. & Kem Ln. Last p/u.
BUS # 11—Depart 6:15 First p/u 3 Easter Union Trpk, to Right on Rt#66 p/u to right on Totem Lodge, Left on N.Nassau Ln Left oon Hoags Corners Rd,Left on Radley Rd Right on Rt#66 Right on Uphams Corners Rd,
Left on Town Garage p/u left on Central Nassau rd.cross over Rt#66,to Dunham Hollow Rd ,Turn around@ Greenman & Dunham Hollow Rd Right on Gardner Hill on Rt#66 Right on Central Nassau Rd.Left on Hoags Corners Rd,Right on N Nassau Rd .
BUS # 12–Depart 6:30—First p/u @Sagendorf & West Sand Lake Rd, Left back on west Sand Lake Rd ,Right on Pershing ,Right on Kent p/u all of Kent Place, p/u Right on Frances, Left on Pershing.
BUS # 13—Depart 6:30 @ Lakeview Ave & Pawling Ave@Victoria & Pawling,left on Mountianview Ave p/u @Carolina@Morrison Ave@ Westfall Ave@Kemp Ave@Shafter Ave@Cleminshaw Ave@Sanford Ave Right onGene Ave Left on Jay Ave Right on Spring @Ouimet Dr .Right on Hudson Dr,Left on Berkshire Dr,Right on Spring Ave.
BUS # 14—Depart 6:45 First p/u @ Rt#43 @ Patricia Way @Werger Rd, @Grange Rd, Right on Brackwyck Dr.left on Rt#43 @ Breigle Ln @ Arther Rd.
BUS # 20—Depart 6:30 First p/u @ Meadow & Sheer Rd @Arlene @Noah to right on Garner Rd, left on Drumlough Rd Right on Garner Rd,Right on Thais Rd,Left on Delma Ln,Right on Pond Hollow,Right on Summit, Left on Pond Hollow Rd,Right on Glenwood Ter,@ Hemlock,Right on Pond Hollow Rd Left on Garner Rd , Left on Thais last stop 144 Thais Rd.
BUS # 21—Depart 6:30 First p/u Shaver Rd,Right on Parker Rd, Left on Old Best Rd, Right on Providence Dr,Left on Old Best,Left on Parker ,Right on Orchard Ln Left on Cobb Hill,Right on Climer Cir,Left on Cobb,Right on Orchard Ln,Right on Higgins Rd,Left on Mammoth Springs ,Left on Morner Rd,Left on Mammoth Springs Rd.Right on Rt#43.
BUS # 25 —Depart 6:15–First p/u 67 Taborton Rd, @ Hoffman Rd @ Bauer & Hoffman right on Bauer,@ Bauer,Bower & Kipple, left on Walk Rd, right on Momrow, Left on Rundle Rd Right Momrow Right on Alps Mountain Rd,Left on Old Rt#66 p/u to Gettle Rd.
BUS # 28—Depart 6:15—First pick up on N Schodack Rd,Right on Shelterwood,Right on N Schodack Left on BurdenLake Rd.Right on left on Clarks Chapel,Left on Nassau Averill Park,Left on Millers Corners,Right on Rt#150,Right on Old South,Cardinal & Oriole Ave, Right on Rt#150.
BUS # 29—Depart 6:15 First p/u Spring Ave @ Spring Landing Blvd.Spring Ave @ Werger @ Miller Rd@ Lansing Rd,@ Pleasantview Ave,last p/u @ Church St & Westbrook St.
BUS #30—Depart 6:30 First stop 229 Creek Rd, Left on Rt#2(Brunswick Rd)Left on Pinewoods,Left on Colehamer,Left on Checkerberry,@ Pinewoods& Eagle Ridge,@Langstaff Ln & Pinewoods, Right on Cole Ln,Left on Pinewoods,@Patton Rd & Pinewoods Right Banbury @Banbury & Petticoat,Right on Cranston Left on Manamsha,@ Menemsha & Sandcherry Hill Ln,Right on Creek Rd, Left on Spring Ave ,Right on Rt#355
BUS # 31—Depart 6:45 First stop 1621 Burden Lake Rd, Birch Dr & Burden Lake Rd,Burden Lake & Lea Rd,Burden Lakr & Olmstead Ln,Clearview Rd,Sunset Rd,Edgewood Dr,Edgewood&Overlook.
BUS # 32—Depart 6:45 First p/u 4366 NY Rt#150,@Anglers Ct,Left on Linda Ln,Right on Thomas Dr,@ Sunrise & Thomas@ Greewood Rd&Rt#150,last stop 4381 NY #150.
BUS # 33 –Depart 6:45 First p/u Rt#43 & Rutherford Rd Right on Peck Rd, Peck Rd ,Right on Aries View, @Mallard Way@ Avenue B, @ Ridgewood Dr, cross Rt. # 150 to Snyders Corner Rd, @ Williams St,@ Furry Rd @ Nel Dore Dr.@ Dennis @ Jefferson Way.Left on Left on Cathlie Dr Left on Fiddlers Ln,Left on Snyders Crn last p/u 393 Snyders crn.
BUS # 37–Depart 6:45 First p/u Rt#351 (Round Top Rd) @ Colehamer Rd & Lincoln Rd, @ Jones Rd,
Left on Main Street(Rt#355)p/u Main St to Grandview @ Flint Dr,Franklin St & James St, @ Garfiel Rd @ Empire Dr@ John St @ Lawrence St. right on Grandview Dr,Abbott Dr.@ Sicho@ Ronald Dr. & Jill St.,@ Dino Lisa Dr@ Veterans St. Right on #351 to 351/66 intersection.
BUS # 38—Depart 6:15—First p/u, 47 Roaser Rd, right on Dahl Drive, Right on Taborton p/u to Right on Dingman Rd, Left on Taborton Rd @Cranberry Way@ Lawson Rd @ Stage Coach Rd,@Anna Ln@Ebert Dr right on Rt#66,Left Crest Dr, Right on Mountainview Dr, last p/u on Mountainview.
BUS # 39—Depart 6:15 First p/u 2697 Rt#43,p/u to, left on Griffin Rd, right on Fire Tower, right on Rt#43 p/u @Reno Rd 43/66 intersection including @Creek Ln,@Bear Rd,Right on Schumann Rd Left on Rt#43Left on Old Rt#66@Beach Ln,Old Rt#66 to Left on Gettle Rd@Hickory Ln .
BUS # 40—Depart 6:30 First p/u Chrystal Lake & HoustonWayLeft on Rt#66,Right on Snake Hill, ,Left on Heather Ridge,@ Hickory Hill Way,Left on Holloway Left Ln,Heather Ridge,Right on Vosburgh Rd,@Laura Dr ,Left on Miller Hill Rd , p/u 8701&8681 Left on Snake Hill,@Zweig way & Snake Hill Last p/u bottom of Snake Hill.
BUS # 41—Depart 6:45 First p/u Right on Geiser Rd,@ Geiser&Maryview@Scullyway,@Lake Shore Dr&Troy Ave, ,@ Clara Ct@Lillian Ct Left on Snyders Lake Ave p/u to Indian Pipe .@ Snyders Lake & Mohameds Way, Left on pershing.
BUS # 42—Depart 6:45 First p/u @Pershing & Michael St,@Pershing Ave& Haig@Oberlook Ave@Franklin Ave@Pleasant Ave@Lakeview Rd. Right on Hidley Rd,Right on Right Edwards Rd back to Left on Hidley Left on Snyder Lake Rd, Left on Pershing @ Shore Ct. last stop on Pershing Ave.
BUS # 45 Depart 6:30—Left on Rt#43 First p/u 2830 Highway #43 Right on Glass Lake Rd @ Pillars @ Rebecca Way, Left on Holcom Rd, Left on Metodist Farm Rd,Left pick up Huntley Rd,pick up Holser Rd,Right on Eastern Union,Right on Rt#66Right pick up Totem Lodge,Left , pick up Nassau Ln,pick up Radley Rd,Left on rt#66,Pick up Right on Methodist Farm Rd, 10 1st Dyke Rd pick up 1st Dyke & Burdenlake rd , turn around Left on Holcome Left on Easter Union Trpk #75 last stop.
BUS # 46—Depart 6:45 First p/u 8523 Miller Hill Rd @ Castle Way Right on Johnson Ln Right on Rt#66, Left on Algonquin Beach Rd,Left on Tracy Ln. Cherokee Ln & Tracy Ln,Right on Cherokee @ Mohawk Dr,Left on Algonquin Beach Rd,Left on Seneca Dr, Right on Cayuga Ct.,Left on Algonquin Beach Rd Right on Stop 13 Rd @Campano Way last stop @Pattison Rd.
BUS # 47—Depart 6:15 First p/u Rt #351(farm-to-market)& Davis Dr.Right on Hinkle Rd,@ Hinkle & Pleasant Hill, Right on Deer Creek, Right on Main Ave to Left on Weatherwax,@ Victorian,Left on Snyders Lake Rd @vanSlyke@ School Rd@Lindeman Way@Brod Acres.
BUS # 48—Depart 6:30 First p/u @ 459 Rt# 355 @Walsh Ln @ Clement Dr to right on Abbott Dr, left on Spring Ave. Ext,@ Skyview Dr @McKinley Way,left on Carol, Todd @Daisy Ln & Saddle Hill Rd. @Circle Dr & Weatherwax Rd. right on Spring Ave Ext. Right on Rt #355 turn around p/u turn around@ VanderHyden.
BUS # 49—Depart 6:15 First p/u, Hogarty Rd. right on Burden Lake Rd to left Hoags Corners Rd Right on Old Mill Pond, Left on Mud Pond, Right on Central Nassau Rd.Left on Curtis Hill ,Right on Central Nassau,Left on Mud PondLeft on China Hill Rd , Right on Nassau Averill Park Rd,Left on Millers Corners Rd last p/u #96.
BUS # 50– Depart 7:00 First p/u on Averill Ave,East View, Left on Thais Rd, Right on Springer Rd, Right on Summers End,Right on Winter Haven,Left on Autumn Ln. Left on Springer Rd, Left on Thais right on Rt#43 p/u @ Baxter Rd@ Eastview Rd@3315 NY 43 last p/u @ Bon Acre Way.
BUS # 70—Depart 7:00 First p/u 3149 Rt #43 p/u @ Rt#43 & Victor Ln,@ Bullis Rd @Barzen Rd,left on Orient Ave @Orient & Prospect Ave, right on Marcy Ave, left on Rt#43 p/u @ Pine Ave@ Allen Ave, last p/u.
BUS # 104—Depart 6:30 First p/u 96 Plank Rd p/u Plank Rd to left on Blue Factory @ Banner Hill Ln@Taft way Left on Davitt Lake Rd.,Right on Blue factory ,Left on Plank,pick@My Way, Right on Oak Hill pick up to Left on Catlin Rd. last p/u.
BUS # 106—Depart 6:15 First p/u 138 Columbia Hill Rd, @Ednas Way Left on Plank,Rd,Left on 56 Rd,Left on North Rd, @Coolidge Way ,Right on Blue Factory,Left on Columbia Hill Rd.
BUS # 109—Depart 6:15 First p/u Tinley Rd,Turn around Williams Rd& Rt#43 ,Left on South Rd,
Left on Brainard Rd,Left on Horse Heaven Rd,Left on Greenman Hill Rd @ Turner hill Rd,Right on Dunham Hollow Rd,@ Island Rd, Left on Rt#43.
BUS # 127 Depart 6:30—Right on Easter Union trpk,Right on Holcomb Rd,p/u @ Schreiner Way@ Blue Herron Dr,Right on White Tail Run, Totem Lodge, Right on Hoags Crn,Right on Burden Lake Rd,@ Lake Shore @Manhattan Row@ Burden Ave @ VanPatten Rd @Brook Spring Ave,@ Gundrum Point Rd, Left onSecond Dyke Rd,@Clays Ln,@Zack Ln, Left on N.Nassau Rd @ Holly Hill Rd, Left on Eastern Union,Left on Morning Circle pick up,Breezdale Dr,Jonny Cake Lane last stop.
BUS # 128 Depart 6:30—First p/u 63 Mosher Rd.,Right on Anna Ln Right on Ebert ,Right on Oakhill Rd, Right Bermas, Right on Tymeson Rd ,Right On Swankey Rd Right on Hicks Pond, turn around, Left on Swankey Rd, Right on Plank Rd, turn around on Legenbauer. Left on Plank,Left on Catlin RdRight on Oak hill, Right on High Meadow Rd, Right on Lynn Rd@ Holser Rd, Left on Oak Hill Rd, Right on Debbie Ln.left on Oak Hill Rd, Right on Wisner Rd, left on Rt#66,
BUS # 129—Depart 6:30 First p/u 8 Reichards Lake Rd, @ Dahl Way Left on Rt#66 p/u 9072 Rt#66 to 9386 Rt#66 Right on Rt#355,Right on Weatherwax,Right on Abbey Rd.left on Weatherwax, Left on Rt#66pick up to Right on Reichards Lake Rd.@ Chain Moountain Way, Left on Tolgate Rd,@Chaundray@Tollgate@penny LaneRight on Reichards Lake rd p/u @ Cayuga Ln p/u @ Carlson Way.
BUS # 130—Depart 6:45—First p/u Wildwooh Hts,@Shannon Ct@Joanne Ct,Right onAvon Ct,Left Valley Dr,@Maria Hts,Right on Birch Dr.Right on Longview Ave @Woodlawn Ct@Rockery Ter@Denver Dr.
Left on Maria Hts Right on Right on Montgomery Ct.Left on Capital @Highlend Ct.


Bus # 20—Depart—7:50— Left Fire Tower ,Left on Griffin Rd,Cross over on South Rd ,Left on Brainard Rd,Left on Greenman Hill Right on Dunham Hollow Rd @ Island Rd ,Left on Pikes Pond last p/u.
Bus # 25—Depart—7:50—First stop 7583 Route 66(Right side)Left Dunham Hollow Right on Right on Horse Heaven Rd, Right on Rt#66 Left on Uphams Crn,Left on Town Garage,Left on Central Nassau last p/u #912.
Bus # 31—Depart 8:00—first p/u 1635 Burden Lake Rd, Burden Lake @ Lea Rd.Right on Sheer Rd Left on Hoffay Rd,Right on Sheer Rd,Left on Garner,Left on Drumlough Rd,Right on Garner Left on Burden Lake @Olmsted Ln Rd,Right on Jonny Cake Ln,Left on Breezdale Dr .last p/u.
Bus # 33—Depart—7:50—first p/u 844 County Rt#16, Left on Central nassaup/u Curtis hill,china hill,Old Mill Pond,Radley Rd,Totem Lodge,left on N.Nassau Ln.last stop #117 N Nassau Ln.
Bus # 45—Depart—8:00—first p/u #192 Old Rt#66 @Holcome&Schreiner Way,Right on White Tail Run,left on Kodiak Left on 2nd Dyke @ Glen Royal @Clays Ln,Right on 1st Dyke,@ Harriman Rd@Knobhill Rd cross to Methodist FarmLeft on Huntley,Right on Holser,Left on Methodist Farn,@Stewarts Ln@Connelly Way, Left on Rt #43 p/u Right side Right on Schumann Rd,right on Rt #43 p/u to Left on Crystal Lake Rd.
Bus # 46—Depart—7:50—Left on Teal Rd,Right on Short Rd Right on Momrow,Right on Rundell,Left on Momrow,Right on Roaser,Right on Dahl Dr.back on Roaser,Right on Taborton,Left on Windmill & Lawson,p/u @ Lower Bower & Taborton,Right on Dingman Rd,Turn around Left on Taborton Rd @ Cranberry Way,@Manning Way Right on Mosher Rd,Right on Ebert Dr,Left on Mosher,Right on Taborton Rd last p/u 3 Taborton Rd.
Bus # 50—Depart—8:00—First p/u 9072 & 9074 Rt#66, Right on Liberty Ln,Right on Rt#351,Left on #43,Right on Thais Rd,Right Garner Rd,Right on Pond Hollow Rd.Right on Delma Ln,Left on Thais Rd.
Left on Averill Ave Left on Miller Hill Rd, Right on Wisner,Left on Oakhill Rd,Left Lynn Rd. Left on High Medow Rd,Right on Oak Hill last p/u #311.
Bus # 70—Depart—8:00—Gettle Rd, 1st p/u Hickory Ln, @ Maglolia,Left on Rt# 43(from Edgewood to SL Center of Arts),@ Bullis Dr,@Barzen Rd,Right on Old Rt#66,Left on Lake Ave ,Right on Rt#43,Right side p/u @Allen Ave to Left on Clearview Rd Right on Sunset,Left on Edgewood p/u, Right on Rt#43 , p/u 3034 & 3031 @ Orient, Right on Orient Right on Prospect @ Grandway Right on Marcy last p/u.
Bus # 127—Depart—7:50 First p/u #1215 Burden Lake Rd, @ Lakeshore Dr.Right on Millers Crn Rd @ Spartop Way,Right on Rabie Rd,Right on Birds Hill Rd,Left on Hogarty Rd,Right on Burden Lake Rd Left on Hoags Crn Rd,,Left on Toten Lodge ,Right on N.Nassau,Right Right on Hoags Crn Rd,to Burden Lake Rd ,Right on 1st Dyke,Left on Holcome Left on Eastern Union,last stop #32
Bus # 128—Depart—7:50—first p/u 2195 Rt#43 pick up to , turn around @ Rt#43 & Williams Rd, Right on Taborton Rd,Right on Momrow Rd,Right on Walk Rd,Right on Taborton Rd, Right on Kipple Right on Bauer Rd, Left on Momrow ,Right on Alps Mountain Rd ,Right on RT#43 last p/u 2188 Rt#43.


Bus # 13—Depart—8:00 First p/u 46 Snyders Crn. Rd,@ Florence Way & Rt#150, Right on Macha Ln,Left on Snyders Crn Rd, p/u to Left on Rt#66, @ Pawling & Lake Ave,Right on Victoria,Right on Mountainview @ Mckinnley p/u to Left on Jay Ave, Dr,Right on on Hudson Dr. Left on Quimet,Right on Gene Ave, Mountainview @Miller,Right@Kemp@WestfallAve@Euclid.
Bus # 29—Depart—8:00—First on p/u 9074 Rt#66, @Pandora p/u on Right to Fane Gravel, Left on Rt#66 Right on #66 to Algonquin School,Left on Rt#66,Left on Algonquin Beach Rd, Left on Tracy,Right on Cherokee,Left on Seneca Dr,Cayuga,winding Ridge,Left on Algonquin Beach,Left on Rt#66.Righ on Snyders Corners RD@Heritage@Lindeman WayRught on Cathlie @ Quial & Fox Hen,Right onWeather Wax,Left on snyders Crn.
Bus # 30—Depart—8:10 First p/u Weatherwax Rd,Right side ,Right on Rt #355,Left on Spring Ave p/u @Skyview Dr@ Lochvue Dr.@McKinley Way,Right on The Crossways @ Ridge& The Crossways,@ MagillAve & Spring,Left on Left on Lansing,Right on Pleasantview,Right Dr,Carol Place,@Saddle Hill& Weather wax@Saddle Hill & Daisy Ln,Right on Spring Ave Ext,Right on Rt#355,Left on Weatherwax p/u Right on Abbey Rd,Right on Weatherwax Rd,.
Bus # 37—Depart—7:55 First p/u 826 Rt#351 Poestenkill intersection p/u Rt#351(Farm to Market Rd)right side to Right on Hinkle Rd,p/u in Deer Creek Right on Rt#351 on Left side, Left on Plank Rd pick up from #238 to Left on Blue Factory picking up to Left on Davitt Lake Rd,Right on Blue Factory Right on Plank Rd picking up on Right onto Main Street(Rt#355)p/u right side & @ Flint Dr,@Garfield@Lawrence St@Grandview @ Saddle Hill turn around at Vanderhyden p/u right side & @Walsh Ln.@ Clement Dr,Right on Abbott Dr p/u,@Sicho Rd Right on Ronald , Right on Dino Lisa Dr.p/u to Right on Veterans St.
Bus # 40—Depart—7:55 First p/u #305 Old #66,Crystal Lake & Houston Way,Left on Right on Vosburgh Rd turn around Left on Rt#66 Left on Snake Hill Rd,Left on Heather Ridge Rd @ Hickory Hill way,Left on Holloway Ln,Right Heather Ridge,Left on Snake Hill Rd p/u toLeft on Plank Rd,Left on RT#351(Round top Rd)p/u to Rt#351/Rt#66 intersection.
Bus # 48—Depart—7:55 First p/u #280 Columbia Hill Rd ,Left on Plank Rd, Left on #56,Left on North Rd,Right on Blue Factory Rd,last stop #334 Blue Factory.
Bus # 104—Depart—7:50—First p/u,#729 Oak Hill Rd, to Bermar,Right on Tymeson Rd, Right on Swankey,Rd,Right on Hicks Pond Rd Left on Plank Rd Left on Catlin Rd,Right on Oak Hill Rd, Left on Debbie ln,Left on Oak Hill Rd,Right on Lynn @Holser& Lynn Left on High Meadow Rd.Right on Lynn Rd #5 last p/u.
Bus # 106—Depart—7:55—First p/u-, Menemsha, Right on Sandcherry Hill Ln. Right on Menemsha, Left on Pinewoods Right on Cole Ln. @Patton Rd & Pinewoods Ave,Right on Banbury @ Petticote,Left on CranstonRight on Langstaff Ln,Right on Eagle Ridge Right on Golden Eagle Ct, Right on Colehamer,Right on Creek Rd,Right on Spring Ave,Right into Spring Landing p/u Cricket Ct,Spring Landing,White Tail Crl Right on Spring Ave Left on Church last p/u.


Bus # 10—Depart—7:55—First p/u 86 Higgins , Left on Parker Left on Shaver Rd Right on Rt#150 Left on Sheer Rd @ Adams Ct, ,@Garner & Thais Left on Sheer @Arlene Ct,Right on Burden lake Rd @ Gundrum Point Left on 2nd Dyke Right into Candlestick Ln,Right on 2nd Dyke ,Left on N.Nassau Left on 1st dyke,Left on Burden Lake right on Millers Corners Rd,Right on Rabie Rd.
Bus # 12—Depart—7:55—First p/u 33 Mammoth Springs Rd Left on Mornor Rd turn around Left on Mammoth Springs Right on Rt#43 Left on Gieser Rd,@Lake Shore Dr & Troy Ave.p/u,Left on Kent Pl p/u Right Francis Dr,Left on Kent ,Left on South Hall,Left on Troy, Left on Snyders Lake Rd,turnaround @ indian pipeLeft on Snyders corners,#544 .last p/u.
Bus # 14—Depart—7:55—First p/u Highway 43,@Grange Rd p/u on Right side to Brackwyck Dr. Left on Rt#43,Right on Cobb Hill Rd,Left on Climer Cir,Right on Apple Rd,Right on Old Best,Right on Orchard Ln,Left on Parker RD Right on Old Best ,Right on Providence Dr.Right on Rt#43 @ Fire house Ln,@Breigle Ln, @Barzen Rd @ Beach Ln Left on Marcy, Left on Prospect ,Right on Werger Rd last p/u.
Bus # 28—Depart—7:55—First p/u4327 Rt#150 @ Kem Ln & Rt#150.Right on Best Rd to Right on Barns Rd Left on Millers Corners p/u to Right into Shelterwood,Right on Sagendorf Rd Right North Schodack Rd@ Maria Dr.Right on Boyce Rd,Left Burden Lake Rd,Left North Schodack R, Left on Miller Corners Right on Rt#150,Right on Edwards Rd.last stop 4326 Rt#50
Bus # 32—Depart—7:55— Rt#43,Right on Peck Rd p/u to Right on Aeries View, @ Mallard Way @Ave. A&B & Peck,Left on Rt#150 @ Florence Way & Rt#150, @ Sagendorf Ln @ Macha & Rt#150 Left on Hidley RdLeft on Edwards Right on Rt#150 Right on Linda Lane ,Sunset Terrace,Thomas Dr Left Pershing Ave Right on Ridgewood Dr,Right on Pershing Dr,Right on Rt#150 picking up on Right side.
Bus # 41—Depart—7:55—-First p/u Springer Rd,Autume Ln,Winter Hvn,Springer to Right on Rt#43,Left on Reichards Lake Right on Helen Lane,Right on Tollgate,Left on Chaundry Ln @ Fisher Rd @ Penny Ln,Left on Reichards Lake Rd @ Dahl Way@ Ford Rd Let on Algonquin Beach @ Cherokee Ln,Right on reichards Lake Rd @ Chain Mountain Way@ Cayuga Ln,Left on Rt#43,Left on Averill Ave.Right on Sunset Rd,Left on Clearview Apartments,Left on Rt#43Left on Edgewood last p/u.
Bus # 42 Depart—7:50— Rt#150 1st stop @Anglers Ct Right on Snyders Corners Rd @ Furry Rd @ Dennis Rd turn around back on Snyders corners Rd, pick up on Right side @ Williams St,@ Village St cross rt#150 to Pershing Ave.@ Haig Ave, @Shore Ct, @Obverlook Ave,,@Franklin Ave, Right on Edwards turn around back down Pershing Ave,@ Lakeview@Lake Shore, Right on Rt#150,Left on Stop 13 @ Pattison Rd, Left on winding Ridge Rd @ Campano way @ Becker Rd last p/u.
Bus # 128—Depart—8:05—First p/u Oriole Ave @ Cardinal Dr,Right on Old South,Right on Rt#150 Left on Wildwood Hights@ Shannon & wildwood Hts,@Joanne Ct,Right on Avon,Left on Valley Dr, Right on Birch, ,Right on Capital Blvd,Right on Rockery Ter Left on Woodlawn,Right on Valley Dr,Right on Montgomery Ct to Maria Hights, Right on Denver Dr, Left Rosemount Ave, Left On Rockery Terrace ,Longview Ave. last p/u.