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  7. Notice of Health Screenings

If your student is in Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 3, Grade 5, Grade 7, Grade 9, or Grade 11, please be aware that at some point during the course of this school year, your student will be screened for one or more of the following:

  • Hearing
  • Spinal screening for scoliosis
  • Distance visual acuity
  • Near visual acuity
  • Color perception

If the screening was not within New York State guidelines, you will be notified by telephone and a referral will be sent home indicating that evaluation by your health care provider is recommended.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your school nurse.

Averill Park High School: Valene Miller 518-674-7020
Algonquin Middle School: Ann Lanoue 518-674-7103
Miller Hill Elementary: Katie Padalino 518-674-7092
Poestenkill Elementary: Trish Morley 518-674-7127
West Sand Lake Elementary: Allyson White 518-674-7184