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Academic Use:
It is the student’s responsibility to use the LMC for academic endeavors and to complete schoolwork, homework, and use the library resources while spending time in the LMC. Acceptable collaborative activities include: working with other students on a school assignment, tutoring, studying, etc.

If students would like to use the FabLab Makerspace throughout the day, they must have a pass to the FabLab. Students must check in with Mrs. Park before heading up, and must clean up after themselves when done. We have building kits, robots, virtual reality goggles, solar robots, spheros, and more!

Behavior Expectations:
Students must sign in when they arrive at the LMC. Students must use quiet voices, be respectful, and follow the rules outlined in the APCSD code of conduct. Students from other study halls must have something to work on. Failure to abide by these guidelines may result in loss of library privileges and may be subject to consequences.  Such consequences may include:

Library privilege loss follows these guidelines:
First offense – loss of 3 days
Second offense – loss of a week
Third offense – loss until next reporting period begins
Fourth offense – loss for the remainder of the school year

Acceptable Use Policy:
Students must follow the Acceptable Use Policy when using BYOD or school computers and devices in the Library Media Center, as with anywhere in the school.

Food will not be allowed in the library, but beverages are.  The library is not a cafeteria – we have a beautiful cafeteria/student union where students can study with a snack.

Loan Period:

Library materials have a 2-week loan period, but renewing materials is not a problem. Just ask!

Overdue Notices:
Overdue notices will be sent to students and parents via email and possibly by telephone. Students are responsible for the replacement cost of lost or damaged materials. Seniors with outstanding library materials may not receive their diplomas until all are returned or paid for.

Library Passes:
Students will need to generate an EHallpass to the library not more than 10 minutes prior to the period in which they want to go. Study Hall and Advisory teachers must approve the pass before sending students to the library. Library staff will review the request and approve based on capacity guidelines. When we reach capacity, E-Hallpass will stop accepting passes – giving students a “maximum capacity” message. Only the library can issue a proxy pass under this circumstance. Please do not make passes to Mrs. Pauly, or Mrs. Park.

Before School:

Students do not need a pass to be in the LMC before school.

After School:
No pass is needed after school; however, students staying after school need to sign in at the circulation desk and sign up to stay after school using this After School Sign up link.  Once signed in, students may not leave the library without permission of the Library Aide.  Teachers working with students after school may send students to the library when they are done in the classroom, however, they will need to send the student with a pass indicating the student was working with them prior to coming to the library.  Students that have been working in the library may obtain a late bus pass from the library aide.

Students may come to the library during Advisory for academic purposes.  Acceptable use of the library during Advisory may be to make copies, print something, consult with Mrs. Park, do schoolwork, etc.  Students will need an E-Hallpass from their Advisor.

To maintain the academic environment and positive community we have built in the library, it is expected that students follow school rules as outlined in the Code of Conduct.   Student behavior is expected to be respectful at all times.  Students in the library from Study Halls or other classes should have school work out and follow all library guidelines.  Anyone not following the school rules and library guidelines will be subject to consequences and/or disciplinary action per the Code of Conduct.  Such consequences may include:  the student being sent back to their assigned study-hall or classroom or loss of library privileges for a designated time frame.