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On October 24, 62 Averill Park High School seniors were inducted into the National Honor Society.

Seniors that maintain an average above 90% for three years of high school are able to apply, however, this is not the only quality that they must possess. The selection process encompasses much more.

These inductees must have more than 30 hours of community service, show excellent character, and demonstrate leadership during their time at the high school. Congratulations to this year’s inductees!

Class of 2020 Inductees include:

Guiliana Adamo
Jane Adams
Madeleine Balga
Adam Balogh
Riley Bennett
Delaney Burton
Dean Buttaci
Hyden Chenette
Alex Cooper
Tatiana Damiano
Jonathon DeWolf
Adam Film
Claire Flynn
Quinn Goddard-Hathaway
Noelle Hall
Katherine Happy
Lauren Harland
Madelyn Harris
Jessica Haskin
Sydney Haskin
Gabriel Hildebrandt
Lindsey Hitchcock
Keston Holohan
Erik Jeschke
Abigayle Jorden
Mackenzie Julien
Ryan Kasuba
Emma Kehn
Lena Kiehl
Lillian Kronau
Isabella LaFreniere
Matthew Lettko
Triston Lincoln
Adam Limoges
Alyssa Lindheimer
Dani Martuscello
Jason Meyer
Lauren Meyers
Alexander Michaels
Joseph Milanese, Jr.
Arica Miller
Delaney Munyan
Audrey Oliver
Anna Olsen
Kelly Oneill-Knasick
Helen Pond
Skyler Rafferty
Michael Re
Ainsley Rogers
Hannah Ryan
Carley Salerno
Eric Schuman
Whitney Shelhamer
Gabrielle Skiba
Haley Suprenant
Bryanna Swinson
Skye Taylor
Alexis Thompson
Alexandria VanDerKar
Lydia Ware
Max Willson
Ian Zieske

group photo