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Students at Algonquin Middle School presented their Shark Tank ideas on Monday, Nov. 18!

Participating students developed companies, produced business plans and presented their ideas to two panels made up of school leaders and business leaders from the community, with the format similar to the television show “Shark Tank.”

Early in the day, students presented their business plans to school leaders and asked for an investment from judges.

Five groups were selected to advance to the final round, where they presented their businesses to industry “Sharks” from the community.

The “Sharks” in the final round included Samuel Mere (Founder and CEO of CampusPro), Tom Reynolds (Co-founder of The Enjoy Troy Company), Scott Bendett (Founder of Habana Premium Cigar Shoppes) and Dr. William Wales (Standish Professor of Entrepreneurship at UAlbany).

The final five teams who presented had companies named Reckless Necklace, Snooze Buds, Quick Pics, Rubber Reeds and Snow Be Gone.

All five companies received offers from the “Sharks” and received glowing feedback from each of the business leaders. Through the project, students received experience in public speaking and saw their idea go from initial conception to a finished product.

students with fake check

students presenting