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Hudson the Railroad Puppy visited West Sand Lake Elementary school with his handler, Richard Nash, last week!

Hudson and his two siblings, at just three weeks old, were found badly abused in Albany, near the local railroad tracks. Sadly, Hudson’s paw had to be amputated due to his injuries.

After lifesaving treatment for Hudson and Pearl (their sister, Carina, did not make it), they became known as the “Railroad Puppies.”

After many surgeries it was decided that Hudson was a great candidate to receive a prosthetic limb. He became one of the first dogs in New York state to be fitted with a prosthetic paw!

Our students learned all about Hudson’s story, how he helps people as a therapy dog and how being kind, compassionate and caring to anyone that is different is so important! The Story of Hudson was created by former WSL students that are currently in the high school. These students that work at the Help Desk created the entire audio visual story of the book and WSL students loved it!

Thank you to Ava Graziano, Tim Desmond, Nicole Tilley, Thurston Thomas and Peter Floge as their work on this project was amazing!

students at assembly

dog and handler

dog with handler