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We are thankful for the outstanding work that our School Related Professionals do each and every day!

Each quarter we are highlighting individuals who go above and beyond. Congratulations to everyone who has earned recognition for Quarter 1!

Honorees this quarter include: Ray Perricone/Jennifer Radigan (PES Kitchen), Penny Terk (WSL Elementary Teacher Aide), Stacy Levesque (MHSL Teacher Aide), Keri Davis (Transportation Dispatcher), Adrienne Doin (MHSL Cafeteria Staff), Kelly Owens (AMS SPED Teacher Assistant), Mary Paris (PES Janitorial Custodian), Connie McCullen & Staff (AMS Maintenance Staff), Marcia Esser (PES Library Teacher Aide), Ken Keith (Transportation Bus Driver), Mary Jane Orecki (AMS Counseling Center Secretary), Kevin Beale (Transportation Mechanic’s Assistant).