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Congratulations to all students who participated in the 2020 RCSMA All County Festival!

This year’s festival featured HS Band, HS Orchestra, HS Mens Choir, Junior Choir and Elementary Band. The students rehearsed and performed with other honored musicians from area schools under the direction of esteemed guest conductors, culminating in a concert on Saturday, Jan. 18 at Lansingburgh High School.

APHS Students:
Tristan Alderman (Mens Ensemble)
Bailey Bates (Orchestra)
Matthew Frost (Junior Choir)
Andrew Gorman (HS Band)
Noelle Hall (Orchestra)
Emily Horton (HS Band)
Abigayle Jordan (HS Band)
Xander Michaels (HS Band)
Eric Olsen (Mens Ensemble)
Anna Olson (Orchestra)
Kelly-Jean O’Neil-Knasick (HS Band)
Anthony O’Sullivan (Junior Choir)
Anthony Pastizzo (HS Band)
Kristian Powell (Mens Ensemble)
Logan Powell (Mens Ensemble)
Liam Rounds (Orchestra)
Hannah Ryan (HS Band)
Haley Surprenant (Orchestra)
Alex Trahan (Orchestra)
Donald Ullman (Mens Ensemble)
Lindsay VanAlstyne (Orchestra)
Nicole Wing (Junior Choir)

AMS Students:
Emily Aiossa (Elementary Band)
Fred Bornn (Elementary Band)
Audrey Coon (Elementary Band)
Harry Corbin (Jr. Choir)
Paula DeAndres (Jr. Choir)
Jack Evans (Jr. Choir)
Ethan Foley (Elementary Band)
Ellie Garrison (Jr. Choir)
Sam Hart (Jr. Choir)
Carly Hunter (Jr. Choir)
Mikayla Malenfant (Jr. Choir)
Faith Nailor (Elementary Band)
Gianna Pietrafesa (Elementary Band)
Alexa Ruppe (Elementary Band)
Eva Sollohub (Jr. Choir)
Roy Wajda (Elementary Band)