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Congratulations to all 16 staff members who were nominated for the School Related Professionals Recognition Program for the second quarter!

Lee Fiato (WSL Teacher Aide) stood out this quarter for her quick thinking and reacting when a student was choking in the cafeteria. She successfully performed the Heimlich maneuver on the student, who was fine afterward. Great job Lee!

Also nominated this quarter is:
Mike Whaley (GW Maintenance)
Sharon Smith (PES Teacher Aide)
Penny Terk (WSL Teacher Aide)
Cindy Ainsley (WSL Teacher Aide)
Ellen Ryan (WSL Custodial)
Paula Oathout (WSL Custodial)
Sue Raymond (WSL Teacher Aide)
Carolyn Mulheren (MHSL Teacher Aide)
Heather Deegan (MHSL Teacher Aide)
Jennifer Bubie (MHSL Teacher Aide)
Carol Iwanowicz (MHSL Teacher Aide)
Whitney Nusbaum (MHSL Teacher Aide)
Spencer Hughes (APHS Monitor)
Sheila Pauly (APHS Teacher Aide – Library)
Cindy Hug (APHS Monitor)

lee fiato