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The Intro to Video Game Development class, co-taught by Mr. Duff and Mr. Miller, invited students, faculty and staff to test the board games that they have been developing in class over the past several weeks.

They had a choice of 6 games to choose from and play.

The games are:

  • Five Nights at Freddies Card game – based on the popular video game
  • You’re Fired – Escape from a burning office building
  • Exousia – a world domination game like Risk
  • Cheston – a remake of chess
  • Demons and Dwarves – a Magic the Gathering style card game
  • Tres – a sequel to UNO

Fun was had by all and if we didn’t run out of time, Superintendent Dr. Franchini would have conquered all in Exousia!

staff and students play games

students and staff playing games

students playing a game

students playing a game