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Dear Parents / Guardians,


We are aware of the fact that there are confirmed cases of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in neighboring Albany County. As of today, March 12, there are no confirmed cases in the Averill Park School District.

As part of our ongoing effort to communicate with you about this public health pandemic, we have some answers to frequently asked questions.

Is APCSD canceling certain events held in our facilities?

Yes. Beginning tomorrow, March 13, we are canceling all non-APCSD events until April 17, 2020. This is being done, in part, to give our staff adequate time to clean/disinfect all areas of the district, as well as to help prevent the potential spread of COVID-19.

This includes any large indoor event held after school and non-APCSD events/meetings held on our campus. View the table below for more information.



·  APCSD-sponsored classes (including Questar programs)

·  APCSD-sponsored after school outdoor athletic events

·  APCSD-sponsored after school clubs

·  APCSD-sponsored after school rehearsals

·  APCSD-approved before and after care (GCC)

·  APCSD-sponsored breakfast and lunch in school cafeterias

·  APCSD-sponsored staff meetings and professional development

·  APCSD-sponsored assemblies that are part of the school day

·  Board of Education meetings

·  Any large gathering held indoors after school hours

·  APCSD-sponsored indoor athletic events

·  APCSD-sponsored indoor performing arts events (including Mr. AP, New Horizons Talent Show, concerts, etc.)

·  Any non-APCSD-sponsored events, meetings, programs, etc. (including Continuing Education)

What will happen if school closes?

As we continue to be proactive in our actions, we have been meeting to develop an Education Plan in the event of a prolonged school closure. This plan includes, but is not limited to, connectivity and internet access in homes of students and providing devices for students who do not have them. There is a plan in place for faculty to meet after school on Monday to develop lesson plans.

Calendar Change: Wednesday was a scheduled K-8 parent conference day. It will now be a K-12 staff development day so that teachers can continue to prepare in the event of a long-term school closure. Please note all parent conferences scheduled for Wednesday, March 18, are canceled and it will be a half day of instruction for students in grades K-12.

If school remains open, will trips still be happening?

At this time, APCSD is postponing or canceling all school-sponsored student field trips or travel of any kind outside of school district boundaries, including the Sophomore Soiree.

What about in-school events?

All indoor athletic contests are canceled at this time. All APCSD-sponsored events happening during the school day, including assemblies, morning programs, celebrations of learning, etc. will go on as planned. Large indoor gatherings during non-school hours, such as talent shows, concerts, etc. which are open to the public are canceled.

How will athletic teams be affected?

NYSPHSAA has postponed all remaining state championship games indefinitely, including the girls basketball tournament. NYSPHSAA and Section 2 are deferring to guidance from local and state health authorities as how to proceed with spring athletics. Both organizations are in contact with health departments and the NYS Governor’s office, and have provided recommendations and protocols to follow for the upcoming season.

Is anything being done to sanitize physical education facilities?

Procedures have been put in place to make sure that the weight rooms and fitness rooms at APHS and AMS are being cleaned and disinfected multiple times per day. There are disinfectant wipes in each location that each student will use to wipe down equipment once they are done with it. In addition, there are spray bottles that will be used throughout the day to disinfect equipment. Finally, a disinfectant spray machine will be used each day in each location.

There are a lot of college campuses and workplaces closing. Will APCSD follow suit?

We are aware of college campuses and workplaces closing to prevent the spread of the virus. Our district will continue to monitor developments and will stay in contact with local and state health departments, following their guidance on matters that relate to public health pandemics. In the event that there is a confirmed case of COVID-19, the District will be required to shut down for 24 hours. At that time the Department of Health will evaluate the situation and provide further guidance.

Some Reminders

We would like to remind you that the best defense against contracting COVID-19 is to practice proper handwashing technique and healthy hygiene habits.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough and shortness of breath. If you develop symptoms, please call your primary care physician and follow their guidance on how to proceed.

All of our actions at APCSD, in relation to COVID-19, are guided by local, state and federal authorities, who are experts in the field of public health. Guidance from those sources changes on a daily basis and we will continue to communicate with you via our district website, social media and email.