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Hello Advanced Placement students!


Your teachers, administrators, and AP coordinators are thinking about you. The College Board has decided to administer all AP Exams as a 45 minute online free response exam for the 2019/2020 school year.

This is what we know about the new exams so far:

1. College Board will offer two testing dates for each exam.
2. The exams will be free-response based.
3. The exams can be taken at home on any device.
4. The exams will cover less material.
a. For a list of topics that will be included/excluded on your specific exam(s), check out THIS website (scroll down a bit).
5. Due dates have changed and portfolio requirements modified for the Art assessments.
. Details on due dates and requirements for Art students can be found HERE (scroll down a bit).

April 3, 2020 is an important date because College Board will release the full exam schedule, exam details, and specific free-response question types.

Once the College Board releases exam specifics, your teachers, administrators, and AP coordinators will know how to best support you.

What you can do in the meantime:
1. Check out THIS website. It discusses the exam changes and may answer any questions you may have.
2. Participate in (watch) the free AP Review Classes hosted by College Board. HERE is a schedule. Here is the YouTube channel: AP Classes and Review Go Live
a. The review classes will focus on the 75% of the course content likely to be included on the exam.
3. Trust your teachers- you will be prepared!


Hang in there,

Mr. Reddy and Mrs. Perez
AP Coordinators
Averill Park High School