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Below is a message from Averill Park CSD Superintendent Dr. James Franchini:


Dear Parents / Guardians,


Earlier today the Governor announced that the statewide mandatory cancellation of classes due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus will extend until at least April 15, 2020. In order for us to continue our mission of meeting the needs of and providing opportunities for every student every day, we have developed a new model of remote learning.

To prepare for a shift in providing new learning opportunities for our students, we have decided to move our Superintendent’s Conference Day from April 10 to Monday, March 30 in an effort to give faculty an opportunity to plan and collaborate with their colleagues. This will give us time to prepare to offer a more consistent learning experience across grade levels and across departments. Therefore, on Monday, our teachers will be busy preparing lessons and activities and will likely be unavailable for student and parent interaction.

We understand that the pace in which things have been happening lately has been challenging and often overwhelming for parents, students and faculty members. We will strive to provide a more streamlined approach to providing instruction. We are asking our teachers to adhere to a typical instructional day schedule and buildings will be following a more formalized schedule for connecting with students, delivering instruction and communicating with parents. Communication between teachers and students and parents will be encouraged during the hours of a typical school day. To help students better prepare for the work they need to complete each day, teachers will be posting assignments for each day by 9:00 a.m. on their chosen instructional platform (Google Classroom, SeeSaw, etc.). You can find links to teacher materials on the district’s Online Learning website.

Remember that instruction will not be the same as in a traditional classroom. Elementary students will continue to practice skills through a variety of teacher-created and teacher-directed activities and resources. These skills will be critical for moving forward when they return, while middle school and high school students will focus on a continuity of instruction to help prepare them for future grade levels and post-secondary goals.

If you are in need of a Chromebook in order to complete online assignments, please click here. There is a deadline of April 1, 2020 to request this device.

Many of you may be wondering what the cancellation of classes means for grading. For the third quarter, we will be using a pass/fail system for grades 6-12. If you have any questions regarding learning opportunities or grading systems, please contact your child’s teacher or building principal.

We have stressed the need for teachers to stay in communication with students and families through this closure. Please remember that restricted phone numbers could be teachers who are protecting their numbers. We know the hesitation that many have in answering calls from unknown numbers, but please pick up during this time.

Additionally, food service and childcare for essential workers will be extended for the duration of the cancellation of classes. For more information on this, continue to check our COVID-10 webpage. You may also find updated lists for NYS and Rensselaer County mental health resources here.

As evidenced by more than 130 faculty and staff submissions for T-shirt Tuesday and more than 60 submissions for Warrior Wednesday this week, our community remains strong and vibrant. Together, we can get through this trying time.

We are Warrior Strong!