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April 28, 2020

Dear APHS Students, Parents and Guardians,


Spring is a time for rebirth and growth. Although life has become a bit different for us, all around us reminds us that we will carry on.  As the days get a little bit longer, take the time to enjoy those small moments and look for signs of spring.  As many of the students may know via the Admin Google Classroom, at the Mein household, we have been documenting Mama Robin Redbreast and her beutifully constructed nest in our backyard.  In that nest, she has three beautifl blue eggs; we can’t wait to see those sweet little ones!  Speaking of new births…at APHS, there have also been new arrivals with bundles of joy — see below for details. 

In addition, there are some new resources and events for you. We encourage you to take advantage of some of these fun, free opportunities. As the days roll on thorugh our closure, which is currently through May 15th, we will continue to work collaboratively as a school, regional, and global community to get through this together.   If there is anything we can do on the school end, please feel free to let us know.


Sincerely yours,


Mr. Quiles, Mrs. Mein and Mrs. Leach


Hello World…I have arrived!

Here’s some great news to share!  Congrats to Elena Oldendorf, who gave birth to Avi Leif Oldendorf-Borthwick!  Avi was born on 4/24 at 8:27pm. 6 lbs 2 oz of cuteness and joy!! Everyone is doing great!  Miles is excited to be a big brother; welcome Avi!

Congratulations APHS Art Students

Some good news from the art department.  The results are in for the 2020 Capital Region Media Arts Festival.

Please take a moment to visit the Virtual Show: http://www.media arts festival 2020.weebly.com

Please congratulate the following students for their participation in this year’s Capital Region Media Arts Festival:

Spencer Johnson (12th), Logan Feathers (12th), Anello Olsen (12th), Gabriella Deck (11th), Alysha Costa (10th), Jessica Barbour (10th), Victoria Guynup (10th)

A special congratulations to the following students for their achievement in this year’s juried Media Arts Festival  You can see thier work if you click on the link above.  Congratulations go to:

Alysha Costa

First Place

In the Photography Category: Landscape/Nature

Anella Olsen

Third Place

In the Design Category: Digital Illustration

Spencer Johnson

Third Place

In the Design Category: Digital Fine Art

Logan Feathers

Third Place

In the Photography Category: Abstraction

Victoria Guynup

Honorable Mention

In the Photography Category: Abstraction

Community Events

  • SADD wellness eventAdvisor, Kim Favro, and SADD members  want to share an activity that SADD is promoting for this weekend, May 2-3rd. Some of you were planning on joining us for Sean’s Run on May 3rd, and although the event is canceled, we are encouraging you to still try to get out and document your own “Meghan’s Mile” or 5k (3.2 miles). Attached is some more info. if you are interested! Please be safe and take care!  Click here for more information.
  • Food Collection-Yankee Trails and The Bus Stop Club have partnered to collect and donate non-perishable items for local school districts and food pantries.

Today,  Tuesday, April 28, the Yankee Trails Hope Bus is coming to Averill Park!

The bus will be collecting non-perishable items to support APCSD. If you are able to donate, please leave items in a bag near your mailbox or at the end of your driveway so volunteers can easily collect them.

Find the bus route and times here and suggested items to donate here.

News from the Garden Club/Horticulture Club-Due to our current closure, and the postponement of the budget vote, the Horticulture Program will not be holding its annual plant sale during the budget vote this year. Good luck to all of you gardeners, and hope to see you next year!

Senior Lawn Signs-Thank you APEF for supplying and handing out lawn signs for the class of 2020.  Thank you!

Contacting Us

Even though the APHS Main Office is physically closed, we are checking the main office voicemail (Please call 518-674-7002).  If you need assistance please leave a message with a good contact phone number and someone will return your call.  Thank you.

News for Students

We encourage you to continue to remain connected.  There are several ways that you can accomplish this:   

  • Students, please check your APCSD email daily. Your teachers, counselors and administrators will be using this as the primary means for communicating with you! Teachers have all established daily “office hours” that they are available to you. These hours are located within their folders on the Online Resources page: https://sites.google.com/apcsd.org/onlinelearning/home.  Take advantage of this time with your teachers to stay connected.
  • Speaking of staying connected, students, to stay connected with us, the APHS Leadership Team, by joining our Google Classroom “Averill Park High School Administration Connections”. All you need to join is the following code: whh5oj2  Many of you have already joined, our goal is to have ALL of you join to stay connected with us.  We have received some questions from parents about being able to join as well.  Please note due to privacy regulations, this Google Classroom is only open to students.  Parents, we encourage you to review the Google Classroom with your student(s) to see what Mr. Quiles, Mrs. Mein and Mrs. Leach have posted.
  • One way to not feel overwhelmed and to keep on a routine is to follow your regular schedule. To help you with this, here’s the A/B day line up for this week:  Monday, 4/27=B-day; Tuesday, 4/28=A-day; Wednesday 4/29=B-day; Thursday,   4/30=A-day; Friday, 5/1=B-day (Yes, we have finally made it to May!)

News for Parents & Guardians

  • Please help support your child(ren) with their virtual learning by monitoring their online learning & assignments. All teachers have set ‘office hours’ that they are available for students.  The Student Support Team (SST) is working collaboratively to monitor student connectivity and continue to be in touch with folks that the SST team determines to be needed.
  • You can also work with your child(ren) to set up a daily schedule, following the A/B day schedule. This week’s schedule is as follows: Monday, 4/27=B-day; Tuesday, 4/28=A-day; Wednesday 4/29=B-day; Thursday,   4/30=A-day; Friday, 5/1=B-day (Yes, we have finally made it to May!)

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if there is anything you need.  This can be done via email, or by calling the high school at 674-7002.  This line will be monitored daily, and you will receive a call back within one business day.  This sign sums up the frustration that we are all feeling at some point with this virus.  Hang in there!

Our emails are as follows:

Mr. Quiles (High School Principal)- quilesh@apcsd.org  
Mrs. Mein (Assistant Principal, Grades 9 and 11)- meinc@apcsd.org 
Mrs. Leach (Assistant Principal Grades 10 and 12)- leachr@apcsd.org 

Stay safe and stay well!

Mr. Quiles, Mrs. Mein & Mrs. Leach