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A Glimpse Inside AMS

This video will highlight some images from Algonquin this year showing students and staff in action!
– Enjoy the smooth sounds of the AMS Jazz Band which provides the soundtrack to this brief film.  

Welcome to AMS Pamphlet

– This pamphlet provides a concise overview of the AMS program.  
– Included on the back is a map of the building as well.
– Click here to check out the AMS Pamphlet: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EIJ2Oh8v9St-Em71y1hxyMUTwBnZGPMg/view?usp=sharing

Students: What Questions Do You Have About Middle School?

– We know that fifth graders have questions about what life is like at AMS.  
– Now is a great chance to have your questions answered!
– We will use some of these questions in an upcoming video called “Student Q & A with Mr. Messia.”
– Click on this link to let us know what questions you may have: https://forms.gle/qyp5TLebJLhfLfWVA

What’s Next?

– Next week we’ll be sharing a “Get to Know AMS Staff” video.
– We will also share a “Frequently Asked Questions” document that will give you more information about common questions parents have about AMS.
– Finally, we’ll send a Google Form out for parents to submit their own additional questions they may have about Algonquin.


Make it a great week!

Rob Messia, Principal
Algonquin Middle School