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May 5, 2020

Dear APHS Students, Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for all of your continued efforts during the school closure. We are so incredibly proud of the hard work students are putting into their learning activities each day. We also know that behind each hard working student there are hard working parents that are helping to support and encourage them under less than ideal conditions. Keep up the good work! Please remember our goals during the school closure… we want all students to remain connected to our school community and develop their academic skills by completing the learning activities provided. If your child is struggling with an assignment or seems to need a jump start on a particular subject area, please encourage them to attend that teacher’s ‘Office Hours’. These hours are provided for just this purpose, to provide additional support, answer questions and get further direction/clarification on activities. Our teachers are literally standing by during these times to help your child be successful with their learning. We will continue to work collaboratively as a school, regional, and global community to get through this together. If there is anything we can do on the school end, please feel free to let us know.   Thank you again for all that you continue to do.  

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Quiles, Mrs. Mein and Mrs. Leach

A Message from the District Office

On Friday, May 1, Governor Cuomo announced that distance learning will be extended through the end of the 2019-2020 academic year. A decision on summer school is expected to be announced by the end of May. While this decision was expected, it is still disappointing to hear, knowing what it means for our students, families and staff, and how it will impact the important traditions, activities and milestones which coincide with the end of the school year.  Although our buildings will remain closed, we would like to stress that teaching and learning does not stop here. We are very proud of the work that our faculty, principals and staff members have been doing, and we are grateful to parents and guardians who are keeping students on track and engaged at home.  We would like to thank our school community for your tremendous support as we have navigated through the COVID-19 pandemic. We know this news will bring new questions and we will continue to provide updates in the days and weeks to come.  Averill Park CSD will continue to provide food and childcare services, as well as remote learning, throughout the closure of our school buildings. Please visit our COVID-19 webpage on our District website for more information and resources.

Attention Class of 2021

NEW COURSE OFFERING FOR SENIORS: College Readiness & Research Skills – College Credit Course available to Seniors in the Fall of 2020

Juniors have already signed up for their fall classes, however, there is a new addition to the Fall lineup of courses.  A 1-credit elective called College Readiness & Research Skills has been added for Seniors in the Fall.  It is a 1 semester course being offered in the Fall semester. As with all college credit courses, there is a fee of apropox. $60, but financial adjustments can be made in cases of hardship.

This semester course is divided into 2 sections for the college-bound student.

Section 1 is College Readiness.  It covers such topics as college application process & deadlines, FAFSA process, career exploration, how to find the right college, college supports for all students, college supports for students with special needs, college life & first year expectations, etc.  Naviance will be integrated in this portion.

Section 2 is Library Skills for Research and provides an introduction to library research and information literacy.  Content will focus on how to create a research strategy for finding, retrieving, using and evaluating information in print and electronic formats, including the Internet.  Also covered will be many of the academic, legal and ethical issues relating to information.  Skills gained can be applied to research papers, projects, professional and personal information needs.  This section provides a full college credit.

If you are interested in taking this course, please contact your guidance counselor via email and discuss fitting it into your schedule for the Fall.

If you have any questions regarding this course, you can email Mrs. Yost.


Community Events

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. The district is having a K-12 Spirit Week to virtually celebrate our teachers.   We have amazing teachers in the Averill Park Central School District who deserve recognition for always going above and beyond, especially in these unprecedented times. During Virtual Teacher Appreciation Week, we will shout out our teachers in fun ways.

  • May 4: Motivation Monday – Share a story about a teacher who made an impact on your life.
  • May 5: Take-a-way Tuesday – Ask your child “What is a famous line that your teacher ALWAYS repeats to the class?”
  • May 6: Wear it Wednesday – Dress like your teacher
  • May 7: Teacher Thursday – Share a picture of you and your teacher.
  • May 8: Fun Friday – Create a card, artwork or sidewalk chalk in honor of your teacher.
  • To have your photos or messages posted on our social media platforms, email them to radewitzb@apcsd.org throughout the week.

News for Students, Parents & Guardians

We encourage students  to continue to remain connected.  There are several ways that you can accomplish this:   

  • Students, please check your APCSD email daily. Your teachers, counselors and administrators will be using this as the primary means for communicating with you! Teachers have all established daily “office hours” that they are available to you. These hours are located within their folders on the Online Resources page: https://sites.google.com/apcsd.org/onlinelearning/home.  Take advantage of this time with your teachers to stay connected.
  • Speaking of staying connected, students, to stay connected with us, the APHS Leadership Team, by joining our Google Classroom “Averill Park High School Administration Connections”. All you need to join is the following code: whh5oj2  Many of you have already joined, our goal is to have ALL of you join to stay connected with us.  We have received some questions from parents about being able to join as well.  Please note due to privacy regulations, this Google Classroom is only open to students.  Parents, we encourage you to review the Google Classroom with your student(s) to see what Mr. Quiles, Mrs. Mein and Mrs. Leach have posted.  For those that have joined our page already, we have some new additions to our extended family.  A Robin has built a nest and has 3 eggs in there so we should see some babies sooner than later.  Log on to see pictures and catch up on their progress.
  • One way to not feel overwhelmed and to keep on a routine is to follow your regular schedule. To help you with this, here’s the A/B day line up for this week:  Monday, 5/4=A-day; Tuesday, 5/5=B-day (Cinco de Mayo); Wednesday 5/6=A-day; Thursday,   5/7=B-day; Friday, 5/8=A-day.  Here is a weekly planning form you can use to help keep you organized and on top of assignments. 

Parents & guardians, please help support your child(ren) with their virtual learning by monitoring their online learning & assignments.  All teachers have set ‘office hours’ that they are available for students.  The Student Support Team (SST) is working collaboratively to monitor student connectivity and continue to be in touch with folks that the SST team determines to be needed.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if there is anything you need.  This can be done via email, or by calling the high school at 674-7002.  This line will be monitored daily, and you will receive a call back within one business day. 

Our emails are as follows:

Mr. Quiles (High School Principal)- quilesh@apcsd.org

Mrs. Mein (Assistant Principal, Grades 9 and 11)- meinc@apcsd.org

Mrs. Leach (Assistant Principal Grades 10 and 12)- leachr@apcsd.org

Stay safe and stay well!

Mr. Quiles, Mrs. Mein & Mrs. Leach