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Guidance counselor Tim Herbs has been working at Averill Park Central School District for 30 years and is retiring this month.

“I have always been interested in counseling children and adolescents, and the school is a great setting to do so,” he said. “This job has really been more of a privilege than a job. I have felt so honored to have had the opportunity to support, assist and advocate for so many students over the years.”

Mr. Herbs stated that he has had many wonderful memories throughout the years, including time spent working on programs that he has created and implemented.

“I have been fortunate to work with a wonderful faculty and staff throughout my 30 years at Algonquin Middle School,” he said. “I will miss everything. Algonquin Middle School is a special place that has been filled with wonderful students, faculty and staff.”

Outside of APCSD, Mr. Herbs teaches part time at The College of Saint Rose in the School Counseling Program and will continue to do so in retirement. He will also enjoy additional free time with his family and friends.

Tim Herbs