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As the calendar winds down on the current school year we are starting to get some idea of what a return to school may look like in September, and we have moved our focus to planning for 2020-2021. Up until this point, our focus has been on finishing this school year in an effective manner. In addition, we wanted to wait as long as possible in an effort to get a clearer picture of what is to come.

To that end, the District has started a Reopening of School Task Force. Within the Task Force, there are five committees, including Teaching and Learning, Social-Emotional Needs, Finance and Operations, Staff and Student Heath, and Staff Culture and Well Being.  

The committees were open to any and all employees who wanted to join. Well over 100 employees signed up to be on one of our volunteer committees that will work through the summer.

We believe this task force/committee structure will enable us to get participation from as many people as possible and enable us to make thoughtful decisions that incorporate all aspects of the District.

It is important to note that we do not have any firm guidance from the State at this point. We expect some information to be provided this month.

Throughout the summer months we will keep our community up to date on changes. Please continue to check your email, the District website and our social media accounts for the latest information.