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Thank you so much for making this event a success! We hope you saw some of the pictures on Facebook and social media. 

To everyone:

We can’t thank you enough for making this idea come to life. We couldn’t have pulled this off without all of your efforts and generosity. With everything going on, we all needed a bright spot and this came at the perfect time. 

To the volunteers:

Thank you to those who helped collect gifts from cars in the pouring morning rain. Thank you to the bus garage for arranging bus routes for deliveries. Thank you to the bus drivers for preparing buses and navigating the delivery routes. Thank you to the gift organizers who made sure the gifts got on the right buses. Thank you to the staff members who delivered gifts to doorsteps. Thank you to the administration for supporting the idea of this event and allowing us space, buses, and time to make this happen. 

To adopters:

Thank you to the adopters for your generous gifts. The mix of who participated is impressive: teachers at all grade levels and buildings, staff members from all schools, administration, retired school employees, parents and grandparents of seniors, parents and families of younger students, local business owners, alumni, and proud community members. This mix goes to show how much the whole community cares. Some of you knew your seniors, some did not. Some of you were given a little information from the student survey, some of you were not. Some of you didn’t even have a name, and dropped off gifts to use in case there was a hiccup, just to make sure everyone received a gift. 

From Adoptees:

On behalf of the students, thank you for your kind and generous gifts. The notes of encouragement you wrote hit home, and tears of appreciation were cried by both seniors and their parents. This was a very special day because you cared!

Averill Park has been and continues to be a great community that cares deeply about our young adults.  We could have never imagined a community coming together to help each other get through such a difficult ending to their senior year. You are all amazing, wonderful people. 


Tricia, Nicole, and Karyn