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Dorothy Surprise has been working in the Averill Park Central School District since February 1993, as a CSE Secretary, and will be retiring this month.

Mrs. Surprise began working in the district when her son was in elementary school so that they could be on the same schedule.

She will miss the everyday routine of going to work, seeing friends and co-workers, plus interacting with the students who would come into the office to visit and deliver items.

“I can say that it has never been boring,” Mrs. Surprise said. “One of the fondest memories I have is baking with the Life Skills class at the High School. We made banana bread. Delicious! Plus, popcorn day at the high school.”

In retirement, she will continue baking, but now with her granddaughters. They will also be having tea parties and, of course, enjoying the outdoors, looking for worms, bugs, camping and nature scavenger hunts.

“Since I will have more free time, I will work on completing my ADK 46’s and other outdoor challenges that I have started but never had time to finish, and will continue to instruct outdoor skills (map and compass, along with Wilderness Survival Skills), as well as my favorites – SUP and advanced kayaking. When not busy with those, I will work on my bucket list of places I want to visit, make quilts and garden. I will have plenty to keep me busy,” she said.

dorothy surprise