Elementary report cards can be accessed via our student data management system School Tool. Below are directions on how to access each report.

To view Report Card:

From a computer:
Login to SchoolTool 
Click on the purple triangle next to your child’s picture
Click on the Grades tab
Choose the School Year and Trimester you’d like to view
Click on the printer icon below School Year
The report card will appear in a new window (be sure that pop-ups are enabled for this site)
Print the report card

From a mobile device (the SchoolTool app has limited functionality and will not generate a formal report card, however student grades can be viewed)
Login to the SchoolTool app (login directions)
Choose your child’s profile
Click on the Grades tab
Scroll to view grades

SchoolTool Website Directions:

In your web browser, go to the SchoolTool login page here

At the bottom left, click on “View Full Site” (the SchoolTool login page with blue margins should appear)

Follow the directions above for logging in from a computer

To view 3-8 NYS Exam Individual Student Reports:

Login to SchoolTool

Click on the blue icon next to your child’s picture

Click on the ‘E’ under your child’s picture

Choose NYS Assessments Reports – ELA or Math – school year