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POSITION AVAILABLE: 1.0 FTE Physical Therapist
To begin October 12, 2020


• Performs initial screening, evaluation and consultation for students referred to the program;
• Develops observable and measurable goals, treatment objectives and therapeutic activities and tasks to be incorporated into the student’s individualized education plan;
• Oversees activities implemented by therapy assistants, providing supervision and guidance as necessary;
• Maintains written case notes and other written documentation as required by school policy or by state law;
• Attends and participates in staff conferences on students’ needs and progress;
• Communicates with teachers, classroom support staff, physicians and other staff with student contact to ascertain progress or additional needs;
• Develops home based programs where appropriate;
• Assesses and makes recommendations regarding adaptive and orthotic equipment needs and monitors equipment status;
• Conducts regular staff meetings with therapy assistants to review student progress and to adjust goals and activities as necessary;
• Does related work as required.

QUALIFICATIONS: Licensed and registered by the New York State Education Department as a Physical Therapist

SALARY: Commensurate with experience.


Human Resources Department
146 Gettle Road, St. 1
Averill Park, NY 12018

TO APPLY apapplications@apcsd.org


CLOSING DATE: August 21, 2020

cc: Camille Harrelson