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Averill Park CSD is pleased to inform the school community that students who chose the virtual option, as opposed to the hybrid model, in grades 6-12 will be able to maintain their current course selection. In other words, the courses students take virtually will be the same as the courses they would have had if they chose the hybrid model. This plan is being utilized so that students who participate in specialized programming (such as honors, accelerated, intervention and ILP classes) are able to access those courses.

The method for the delivery of content will be determined by the individual teacher. Examples of how the content may be delivered include, but are not limited to,
Daily Live Steam Using Google Meet – Teachers may elect to use Google Meet to broadcast their period instruction to their students. In this option, teachers present their lesson to students who are in their classroom and simultaneously present the lesson to students who are attending at home.

“Station Rotation” – Students receive live video instruction on one day, followed by independent learning activities for the following day. In this model, a teacher would match their 100% virtual students with a cohort (groups based on last names).

Virtual Students Receive Specialized Programming – Teachers may prepare video instruction and provide it to 100% virtual students. These students will be afforded the opportunity to seek clarification and ask questions of their teachers on a regular basis via such tools as regularly scheduled Google Meet Access Hours, providing regularly scheduled email response hours, connecting with students via phone, or other options as determined by the teacher.

Please note that this is not the model being used for students who are being taught virtually in grades K-5. Information about that model will be sent in a separate communication. Please reach out to your child’s principal in the middle school or high school should you have any questions.