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APHS is grateful and thankful for the generosity of several community members and members of the Class of 2020. There is an expression that it takes a village; however, in this case, it took a community to make the renovations to the APHS Citizenship Courtyard!

We would like to thank the following individuals that helped take this project from a plan to the beautiful space that it has become.

Sara Schuman for drafting the letters requesting donations for the project. Daryl Bart, and the Education Foundation, for helping to collect and distribute the donations. Thank you to Renise and Kevin Holohan for going to get the picnic tables and then refinishing them. Kelly and Chuck Buttaci for being the shoppers for this project. Thank you Tricia and Russ Lincoln for volunteering to finish the tables and benches. Kurt Meyer for constructing the benches as well as Kyle Meyer, and Trish Lincoln for sanding and polyurethaning the benches. Thank you Jen and Eric Brown for helping to deliver and install the furniture on site. Tricia and Chris Millington also helped sand and poly the benches as well as clean, refinish and deliver the octagon picnic table.

In addition, thank you to the garden committee which includes: Tricia Lincoln, Kelly Buttaci, Susanne Ryan, Jen Brown, Rebeccah Harrison, Ms. Boulay and the Horticulture/Garden Club and Tricia Millington. Thank you to our financial donors: Tremont Lumber, Shellie Ware, Amy Kehn, Nathan Hall, Karen Skiba, Christa Escobar, Rob Limoges, Sera Deo, Amy VanDerKar, Lynn Hansen, Rodney Rescott, Tricia Lincoln, William Simard, Dona Ries, Deborah Shoemaker, Dan DeWolf, Vrsalovic, Dunigan, Julien, Schuman, Lindheimer, Shelhamer, Kasuba, Buttaci, Kronau, Millington, Holohan.

Thank you again to all of the community members that have contributed to this project and for all of your efforts. This beautifully renovated space will be used and appreciated by the current student body and many future cohorts to come!

The students, faculty and staff at Averill Park High School



picnic table