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Good afternoon APHS Students and Families,
We are pleased to announce that beginning on Tuesday, November 3rd, we will begin to offer after school time for students to get extra help from their teachers. 
So that we can assure the safety of our students and staff, both while in the building and on our late bus runs, this process will begin slowly. 
After school extra help will be offered on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays, on the following rotational schedule:
  • A-Days (both for Cohort 1 and 2) will be for after school extra help in Social Studies, Math, Art, Music, and Study Skills.  
  • B-Days (both for Cohort 1 and 2) will be for after school extra help in ELA, Science, LOTE, Tech, and PE/Health.
Students who are interested in receiving extra help should work with their teacher to select the appropriate day(s).  Once you have selected a day, you must complete the following form by 9am on the day that you plan stay: https://forms.gle/Dd5sBvagFMjtTGaU6   Only students who have signed up to stay with specific teachers, with that teacher’s consent, are allowed to stay after school. 
This form is a shared one, which will be used by both AMS and APHS students.  It will allow for us to know how many students will be in our buildings, track usage and needs, and allow for the buses to plan for safe runs, for both the middle and high schools.  
For students who provide their own transportation, no late buses are needed.  Please be sure, however, to complete the form to sign up to stay.
For those students who would like to take advantage of our late buses, we will be able to offer these, departing from the high school at approximately 4:30 pm.  When you have finished your extra help session, please report directly to the HS Cafeteria/Student Union.  Supervision will be provided in this location until the late busses have departed.
Thank you to everyone for your flexibility, and for helping to do your part in keeping everyone safe and secure each day.  It’s been a lot!  In the weeks to come, as we assess how this plan looks and operates in real life, we will consider ways through which we can continue to expand student engagement outside of the school day.
If you have any questions, please contact the high school office at 518-674-7002.  In the meantime, please stay healthy and be well. 
Sincerely yours,
The HS Leadership Team