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Dear K-5 Families:

This Friday, November 13, is the deadline to elect to have students in grades K-5 transition from virtual learning to in-person instruction or from in-person instruction to virtual learning at the end of the first trimester. The start date for the second trimester is Monday, December 7. This will be the last opportunity at the K-5 level to switch instructional models for the remainder of the year.

100% Virtual to In-Person

Parents/guardians wishing for their child(ren) to return to our in-person model must complete the Virtual to In-Person request form for each student. Please note that in making this request, we will make every effort to place your child in the school they attended last year, but because of safety precautions and space limitations, this cannot be guaranteed.

In-Person to 100% Virtual

Parents/guardians wishing for their child(ren) to change to the virtual learning option must complete the associated In-Person to Virtual request form for each student. Please note that in making this request, your child will be assigned a new teacher that is dedicated to only virtual students.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact your child’s building principal or email Matt Hladun, the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, at hladunm@apcsd.org.