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As we shared with you earlier this week, our daily health survey has changed. 

We would like to explain Question 2 of the survey, which states, “Have you, or anyone in your household, tested positive and/or been in close contact with a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case in the past 14 days?” If you answer yes to this question, we are requiring parents and employees to keep all family members of quarantined individuals/close contacts off our campus and to alert your school nurse if this is a new situation.  People who should be kept home include the person who was in close contact/quarantined, siblings of that person, children of that person, parents of that person, and the spouse/partner of that person. We are requiring that family members of close contacts/quarantined individuals not come into the building during the prescribed quarantine unless the close contact/quarantined individual has been tested for COVID-19, the test has come back negative, and the close contact/quarantined individual is not exhibiting any symptoms. You should ensure that your building nurse is notified by the DOH when the individual is released from quarantine.

Please remember that an individual is shedding virus and is contagious for 48 hours prior to showing symptoms.

The Rensselaer County Department of Health has set a minimum standard for quarantine. School districts may develop their own practice, which is more stringent than the standard set by the County and New York State. This change in practice is one way in which the District is implementing a higher standard as every effort is being made to try to keep our school community as healthy as possible.