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Today (Friday, Dec. 4) we received confirmation that two individuals have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus – one student at West Sand Lake Elementary School and one staff member at the High School.

Recent positive cases have impacted staffing across the high school to a degree that will necessitate a transition to remote learning for Grades 9-12 for next week (Dec. 7-11). As of today, a significant percentage of APHS students have chosen virtual as their instructional delivery method, which makes the pivot to remote learning a relatively easy transition for our students. Due to challenges in staffing at the elementary and middle school levels, transitioning APHS to full remote learning will allow the District to utilize high school staff to help maintain the K-8 in-person learning program.

Out-of-district special education placements, Tech Valley High School, New Visions and Questar III BOCES CTE students will continue to attend school in-person.

This does not affect students in grades K-8, who will continue to participate in regular days of school next week.

Regarding the new positive cases, the District has been in contact with the Rensselaer County Department of Health, which will take the lead on contact tracing and identifying individuals who may need to quarantine. When it is determined who will need to be quarantined, those individuals will be contacted by the County DOH.

While we understand that you would like additional details, we are not permitted by privacy laws to identify students or staff members involved. We have provided as much information as possible. Anyone with questions and/or who needs to report a COVID-19 related health issue should contact the District’s COVID-19 resource person via the dedicated email address (COVIDreporting@apcsd.org).

Please rest assured that the District’s priority is protecting the health, welfare and safety of our students and staff while complying with federal, state and local orders and guidance.