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  7. Mrs. Dergosits Granted Tenure

Congratulations to Katie Dergosits for being granted tenure during a recent Board of Education meeting.

Mrs. Dergosits is in her fourth year working at Averill Park Central School District as a full-time employee, currently working as a Special Education teacher at West Sand Lake Elementary School.

“I have wanted to be a teacher since the first grade,” she said. “But even more, I became a special education teacher after the huge impression my uncle, who is disabled, made upon my life. I wanted to teach and help those who needed a little more assistance.

“My favorite thing about working in education is when you have a student who is working so hard, then they have that moment when it just clicks and they get that huge smile on their face,” she added.

Fun fact! Mrs. Dergosits loves spending time in the Adirondack with her three kids and husband.

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