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Get ready for the AMS Student Council Cereal Challenge!

  • The Challenge: Students and staff are challenged to bring in at least 200 boxes of breakfast cereal during the month of March!  
  • The Goal: Help families in need here in Averill Park with the most important meal of the day.
  • Seventh Grade Science Connection: Grade 7 science students will help the Student Council create a domino effect of the cereal boxes as part of their physics unit and measure the speed of the boxes falling.  
  • The Big Event: Culminating on March 25 for Cohort 1 and March 26 for Cohort 2 during Morning Meeting.  
    • Boxes of cereal at the end of the month we’ll end things with a domino effect of the boxes through the halls!  
    • The more boxes we collect the more dramatic the event!
    • Will be broadcast the fall live so virtual students can view as well!  
  • Cereal Collection: Drop off your box of cereal in the AMS Main Foyer or community members and virtual students may drop off in the box outside of the Front Entrance of the school.

cereal challenge