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After 33 years in education, including 16 at Averill Park Central School District, West Sand Lake Elementary School Principal Laura Kyer is retiring. Her last day will be on Friday, March 5.

“Laura Kyer has always been extremely committed to her students, families and the faculty and staff in her building. The Averill Park Central School District will dearly miss having her leading the way at West Sand Lake Elementary School and it will be very hard to replace such a dedicated leader in education,” APCSD Superintendent Dr. James Franchini said. “We wish Mrs. Kyer all of the best in retirement.”

Mrs. Kyer began her teaching career at Cairo-Durham CSD before moving on to Saratoga Springs CSD, where she was a middle school teacher, the head of the Special Education Department, the Chairperson for the Special Education Sub-Committee, and the Interim Principal at Maple Ave Middle School.

In 2005, Mrs. Kyer accepted the role of Principal at West Sand Lake Elementary School.

“I love children and I knew I wanted my career to include them,” she said. “Education was a very important part of my upbringing. My parents encouraged the love of learning in myself and all of my siblings. I was fortunate to have sat in the classroom of many great teachers in my schooling years.”

Mrs. Kyer added that while attending school she had an aunt as a teacher, and even her own sister as a teacher, though she does not recommend that situation.

“All of my family has had some connection with education in their careers,” she said. “Special education became an interest to me early on. I had made a friend at a young age who had challenges and watching her persevere instilled an interest in me to help others believe in themselves, to achieve their dreams. Choosing a career in education was an easy decision and natural transition for me.”

When asked about her favorite thing about working in schools, Mrs. Kyer can’t settle on just one thing. She loves it all, especially the laughter in the classrooms, hallways, cafeteria and playgrounds.

“I do cherish the opportunity to watch so many children grow into amazing young adults,” she said. “I want every student to feel special, loved, important, confident, and teach them their value in life. Everyone makes mistakes, but growing from them and having the desire to keep trying is so important. I have enjoyed talking with so many of my students throughout the years and I am just amazed at how much they have to offer the next generations.”

With 33 years of working inside of schools, Mrs. Kyer has many memories that she will always remember, but one of the best happened on her first day at Averill Park CSD.

“I will always remember my first day at WSL when I went out on the playground to introduce myself to some of the children. I went and said hi to a young boy and told him I was the new principal. He said, ‘No, you are a Princess-a-Pal!’ I knew right there, West Sand Lake felt like a home to me. This school has such amazing teachers, students and families that have made my heart grow so much, and I could not imagine being in a better place. This school year has created the most difficult challenges for everyone. The school community, families, all of my colleagues and students have been absolutely amazing. I have been blessed to witness such true acts of kindness,” she said.

In retirement, Mrs. Kyer originally planned on slowing down and traveling, but another opportunity has come her way. While she will spend more time with her family and mother, she will also be opening up a restaurant in Saratoga called Circa ’21 at McGregor Golf Course. And when she has some down time, Mrs. Kyer will refinish furniture – something that she has long enjoyed doing.

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