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Averill Park High School freshman David Morelli began writing his own music when he was 11 years old and, recently, his composition “Metamorphosis” was accepted into the SPAC Adirondack Trust Co. Festival of Young Artists. David, and other winners, will be featured on a showcase website www.spacfoya.org on March 31.

Additionally, a live orchestra will be performing Metamorphosis in the spring.

david morelli “I was really surprised,” David said of learning he was accepted into the Festival. “I knew that submitting an original composition rather than a recording of me playing something might be unexpected, or it may not have been accepted for that reason, but I was relieved that it was.

David began playing music in fifth grade, when he picked up the trombone. He continued to play into sixth grade, but found that he was losing interest in the instrument and considered quitting. When he was recommended for All-County, he was inspired and continue to practice and grow as a musician.

That’s when I discovered music is my passion and I wanted to continue pursuing it,” he said.

Now, David’s main instrument is the flute, though he also has a piano at home, along with other instruments.

“I’m lucky enough to have acquired a multitude of second-hand instruments including a trumpet, violin, clarinet, and a French horn, which have all been incredibly useful for helping me compose, even if I don’t play them seriously,” he said.

David began writing his own songs years ago, using his father’s keyboard.

“My dad’s keyboard had a feature where I could make loopers to record multiple parts over each other, and I began experimenting with my own things even if I didn’t really know exactly what I was doing,” he said. “At 13 I found out about this program called Musescore where I could write down my own sheet music and get audio playback, and I started using it to write my own music.

“When I was starting to really get into music, I started appreciating the music from video games and movies. I wanted to be able to create my own music to fit an emotion or situation,” he added.

Now, just a few short years after fiddling with his father’s keyboard, a professional orchestra will be performing his composition.

“Honestly, I’m slightly nervous,” he said of professional musicians performing Metamorphosis. “It takes a lot of experience to understand how music will sound when performed by real musicians rather than the robotic midi playback. But I have also accepted that I’m still learning, and this is a perfect experience to do just that. It doesn’t have to be perfect yet.”

Even though David is only in his freshman year at Averill Park High School, he has a plan for his future that includes music being a big part of it.

“I’m still figuring things out. At some point I’ll have to choose if I want to perform music and be able to compose a little, or fully designate my time to composition,” he said.