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  7. Kindness Shines at MHSL

Within our K-Kids school, Miller Hill-Sand Lake Elementary School students are building kindness in their classrooms, in their school building, and out in the community.

Alexa Harte, a 5th grade student, pitched an great idea to Principal Sibson on how everyone could thank Miss Adrienne in the MHSL cafeteria. Alexa was inspired by the kindness Miss Adrienne shows each day as she always has a smile on her face and greets each student with a warm hello. Adrienne can be found running through the halls with delicious and nutritious lunches. If you have shoe laces untied, she will stop her run to make sure you have a positive conversation and a shoe tied safely. Adrienne’s kindness is an inspiration to everyone.

Alexa created flyers for each 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade homeroom reminding students to appreciate kindness and to create cards for Miss Adrienne. Alexa then collected the cards and presented them as a surprise.

Alexa hopes her idea inspires more students to be kind every day.

alexa and adrienne

miss adrienne