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Position Available:               TEMPORARY School Monitor position

2 hr/day 10 months

Currently at Averill Park High School

Salary:                                    Salary in accordance with terms of the CSEA agreement.                          

Qualifications:                       −    High school diploma or equivalent.

  • Must be responsible, tactful, flexible, cooperative nature, and able to work effectively as a team member.
  • Must be dependable
  • Able to communicate effectively with children.
  • Individual will need to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of young children and be able to interact with them in a positive yet consistently compassionate, firm and fair manner.
  • Able to supervise large groups of students and maintain the safety and welfare of all students;

Contact:                                 Human Resources

                                                146 Gettle Road, St. 1

                                                Averill Park, NY  12018



Closing Date:                        April 29, 2021

Cc:      CSEA

            D. Weaver