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Freshman Justin O’Donnell has been snowmobiling since he was four years old. Over the course of the past five years, he has used his passion to raise money for Cares for Kids, which provides funds to Albany Medical Center.

Throughout the winter, Justin and his father raised $15,000, which was tripled by Quick Response for a total donation of $45,000.

Cares for Kids and Albany Medical Center have a close connection with the family as Justin was a patient there when he was four years old.

“They were good to us. The nurses and doctors were the best,” Justin said. “I want other kids to have positive outcomes like I did.”

To raise money, Justin came up with the idea of his father dressing up in a Yeti costume. They hold a Find the Yeti contest where other snowmobilers search for the Yeti, take a photo and upload it to the Facebook page Expedition Yeti. When they share their personal story, participants donate.

Justin was recently featured on 99.5 The River’s Radiothon, which can be heard here.

yeti and justin

Yeti Snowmobiling