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Averill Park CSD Parents/Guardians,

The health and safety of our students and staff is our top priority within our school district. As part of the district’s safety and health program, we began testing all of our water outlets, such as fountains and sinks, in September 2016. These tests were performed to determine whether amounts of lead above legal limits exist in our water supply.

We recently conducted tests and would like to share the results that we have obtained from your child’s schools. Out of 303 samples taken throughout the District, 9 outlets are above the New York State Department of Health’s threshold of 15 parts per billion of lead in water. Please note that none of these are drinking water outlets.

The District has taken immediate steps to prohibit use of the outlets that are above the limit and is currently working on a remediation plan.

Outlets that tested higher than allowed are listed below:

High School:

  • Sample 31 – District Office Men’s Room Right Side Faucet
  • Sample 49 – Concession Stand by Gym Sink Faucet

Algonquin Middle School:

  • Sample 18 – PFA2 Center Section, Right Side Faucet
  • Sample 29 – Kitchen Kettle Filler
  • Sample 42 – Girl’s Coaches Office Bathroom Sink

Miller Hill-Sand Lake Elementary School:

  • Sample 10 – Room 106, Classroom Sink Faucet
  • Sample 89 – 207 Corridor Girl’s Room Left Sink Faucet
  • Sample 91 – 207 Corridor Girl’s Room Right Sink Faucet
  • Sample 96 – Room 204 – Classroom Sink Faucet

West Sand Lake Elementary School:

  • No outlets above the 15 ppb action level

Poestenkill Elementary School:

  • No outlets above the 15 ppb action level