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Ted Mosher attended Averill Park CSD as a student and loved it so much that he spent nearly 25 more years teaching in the district. He plans to retire this month.

“I went to school here, and still live in the district, so when I became certified, I really wanted to teach in my hometown,” he said. “I feel very blessed that I was given this opportunity.”

Mr. Mosher, an eighth-grade math teacher, has many great memories – mostly involving students that he teaches every day.

“I enjoyed making them laugh, and hopefully encouraging them to truly enjoy mathematics,” he said. “The sixth grade Olympics and Medieval Festival were awesome. Field trips to Great Escape, Boston and Quebec were quite memorable. And I was able to work with a great group of people.”

Mr. Mosher will miss working with his friends and making connections with new students.

In retirement, he plans on spending time with his grandchildren and family. He will also golf more and plans on continuing a new hobby – carving wooden bears with a chainsaw!

Mosher Retirement