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Attention APHS Juniors and Seniors! The 2021-22 Parking permit is ready for you to apply! Here’s a link to the 2021-2022 APHS Parking Permit application (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Bjgmnc5JS7roAmF9_zf9fC5uEz5a76MmfZy0qEat4Nw/edit?usp=sharing).

Please note that this is a privilege for Juniors and Seniors that are in good standing. These students can apply for a parking permit starting on the first day of school, 9/8 through 9/24. After 9/24 staff will check the parking lots for permits. Reach out to Mrs. Mein if you have any questions.

Note that students are only allowed to park in the main parking lot out front of the building this year. The red shaded area indicated NO PARKING. The green shaded area indicates where pickup trucks and larger vehicles need to park along the back fence area. The rest of that parking lot is for student use.

Approved Parking 2021 2022