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Parents/Guardians & Students:

The start of the 2021-2022 school is fast approaching. This year, it is our hope that students are able to experience a more traditional school experience within the boundaries of providing a safe and healthy learning environment for our entire school community.  

To that end, we here at AMS have been working incredibly hard to prepare for the upcoming school year and are going to do everything we can to make it a safe, memorable and positive school year for everyone with all of our students attending classes each day here in person.

As we do each year, AMS will have a special theme for 2021-2022. This year’s theme is “We’re Better Together.” Selected for its unifying message, we know that each of our students and staff members makes a difference in creating a positive place to learn and grow together. We have many activities planned for the year ahead that will help to bring us closer together and become an even stronger school community.  

Safety has always been our first priority and this year it will continue to be incredibly important this year. To help students and families understand the safety and instructional plans for the upcoming school year, we will be providing several communications in the days ahead.

Below is an outline of what to expect in the weeks to come: 

Tuesday, August 24th:

  • A letter will be mailed out to each student with their Morning Meeting room assignment.  
  • This is the only information students will need to start the school year.  
  • Students will receive their class schedules on the first day of school from their Morning Meeting teacher.     


Tuesday, August 31st:

  • AMS Specific Frequently Asked Questions
      • We are compiling a list of questions that families may have regarding the school year 
      • This document will serve as a basic guide to our program for the upcoming school year
  • Return to School Video Series Begins
    • Throughout next week we will send out a series of videos and orientation materials for all Algonquin students.  
    • This will include information students need to know about day-to-day life at AMS.
    • Topics will include:
      • 2021-2022 school year program overview 
      • Student arrival and dismissal procedures 
      • Lunch and recess
      • What are Community Circles? 
      • School-wide reminders
    • Links to these videos and resources will be shared with families via email and social media.


Thursday, September 2nd (4:00-7:00pm) & Friday, September 3rd (8:00am-Noon) 

  • Grade 6 Family Visits
    • Families of grade 6 students are encouraged to visit the school in advance of the start of the school year.
    • Click here for a short video and flyer about this event 
    • This event replaces our typical “locker night,” as we are not planning to use lockers at the start of the school year.  We do, however, hope to assign lockers to students as the year progresses.  


Wednesday, September 8th:  

  • First day of school!
    • Classes will begin at 7:45am.  
    • Students will report to their Morning Meeting Rooms where they will receive their schedule and additional information.


Finally, in case you missed it, here is a link to our mid-summer parent communication that was previously shared on August 9th and includes reminders about summer assignments, school supply lists and other important topics.  .  

Thank you for your continued support of our school community.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone soon!


Robert Messia, Principal
Algonquin Middle School