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Averill Park CSD Families,

Listed below are the new group bus stops and cul-de-sac stops that have been put in place within our district bus runs for the 2021-22 school year. Please keep in mind that any previous group bus stops and cul-de-sacs stops that are not listed below still remain.

Routes are changing daily due to late student registration. We highly recommend that everyone watches for their bus on September 2 when the dry runs are performed by our drivers.  

****Please watch carefully as some stops for APHS and AMS students may not apply for elementary students****

APHS and AMS runs will be between the hours of 6:00 to 7:00 a.m.

Elementary runs between the hours of 7:45 to 8:45 a.m.

Please utilize SchoolTool for bus numbers.

We are asking parents/guardians to refrain from calling the Transportation Department until September 3, after the dry runs have been performed. Due to the high volume of calls we receive each year, you may have to leave your name and number and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Autumn Ln. & Springer Rd.

Summers End & Springer Rd.

Kem Ln. & RT#150

Edwards Dr. & RT# 150

Rosemont Ave. & Lock Rd.

Capital Blvd. & Woodland Ct.

Capital Blvd. & Highland Ct.

Maria Hts. & Capital Blvd.

Avon Ct. & Valley Dr.

Maria Hts. & Valley Dr.

Cayuga Ct. & Seneca Dr.

Tracy Ln. & Algonquin Beach Rd.

Cherokee Ln. & Algonquin Beach Rd.

Spring Ave. & Qiumet Dr.

Mountainview Ave. & Gene Ave.

Mountainview Ave. & Jay Ave.

Mountainview Ave. & Sanford Ave.

Lynn Rd. & Highmeadow Rd.

Lawson Rd. & Taborton Rd.

Windmill Way & Taborton Rd.

Oak hill Rd. & Debbie Ln.

Holloway Ln. & Heather Ridge Rd.

Ebert Dr. & Mosher Rd.

Anna Ln. & Mosher Rd.

Bermas Rd & Tymeson Rd.

Crystal Lake Rd.. & RT#66

Houston Way & RT#66

Magnolia Dr. & Gettle Rd.

Hickory Ln. & Gettle Rd.

Averill Ave. & RT#43

Helen Ln. & Reichards Lake Rd.

Seneca Rd. & Turnabout Rd.

Algonquin Rd & Turnabout Rd.

Algonquin Beach Rd. & Winding Ridge Rd.

Deer Creek Rd. & RT#351

Bayberry Cir. & RT#351

Dino Lisa Dr. & Main St.

Ronald Dr. & Main St.

Victorian Dr. & Weatherwax Rd.

Abby Rd & Weatherwax Rd.

Grandview Dr. & RT#355

Lockview Dr. & Spring Ave. Ext.

McKinnly Way & Spring Ave. Ext.

Carol Pl. & Todd Dr.

Merryhill Rd. & Woodridge Rd.

Eastover Rd. & Pinewoods Ave.

Colehamer Rd. & Pinewoods Ave.

Checkerberry Ln. & Pinewoods Ave.

Eagle Ridge Dr. & Pinewoods Ave.

Golden Eagle Ct.  & Pinewoods Ave.

Cole Ln. & Pinewoods Ave.

Banbury Rd & Pinewoods Ave.

Petticote ln. & Cranston Rd.

Langstaff ln. & Pinewoods Ave.

Sandcherry Hill Ln. & Menensha Ln.

Pleasantview Ave. & Betts Dr.

Old South Rd. & Oriole Ave.

Old South Rd. & Cardinal Ave.