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Averill Park CSD Families,

Welcome to the 2021-22 school year! First Day Sheets provide critical information about each enrolled student such as parent/guardian contacts and instructions for emergency dismissal.

For most families this year, First Day Sheets will be completed on-line using Schooltool. If you have custody paperwork on file with APCSD, a paper copy of the First Day Sheet will be sent home for you to complete. Do not complete the online Schooltool First Day Sheet form.

This form should be completed for each student as soon as possible and no later than Wednesday, September 15th.

Only 1 parent/guardian should update and submit changes to the First Day Sheet for each student.

Written instructions , screenshot directions , and a video tutorial were developed to provide guidance for completing this important form. Further questions should be directed to the Registrar, Julie Ernest (ernestj@apcsd.org or 518-674-7050).