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The District has been notified by its third-party processing center that there is a delay in processing tax payments due to the nation-wide staffing shortages.

For taxpayers who have mailed their payment: Please keep in mind that it is the postmark date that is used by the district as the payment date. The date on which your check is cleared by your financial institution or our third-party bill collector does not affect this payment date or any associated late fees.

For taxpayers who have not yet submitted their tax payments and want to ensure prompt receipt of payment: Payments can be made online at: https://www.averillpark.k12.ny.us/schooltaxinfo

  • Payments by credit card: Pay your school taxes using your Visa, Mastercard or Discover credit card. Please note: Once you have found your tax information, be sure to click “Details” to find payment information. There is fee that includes a one-time transaction fee of $0.50 plus a 3.00% site fee for each item.
  • Payment by E-check: This is a convenient, fully automated electronic payment system allowing you to pay taxes directly from your checking or savings account. Please make sure that e-checks are allowed on the account you are using. A graduated fee schedule applies, starting at $4.95. Payments greater than $2,499 are charged an additional 0.5%.