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The Averill Park Central School District recently emailed information regarding quarantine procedures related to domestic and international travel. After further review and consideration, we realize the CDC guidance on domestic travel for unvaccinated individuals is for the public at large, not for school districts in particular. In other words, unlike last year, there is nothing for a school district to enforce or follow on the issue of out-of-state travel.

Specifically, the guidance recommends that unvaccinated people should self-quarantine when returning from travel within the United States.

It is important to note that New York State does not currently have any travel advisory mandates. The previous mandates were the result of Executive Orders from then-Governor Andrew Cuomo. These mandates then became regulations from the NYS DOH, so schools had to follow them. Currently, in the absence of any mandates or regulations, NYS is following the guidance of the CDC in terms of travel. This guidance is a recommendation and is meant for the population in general. In an effort to allow for a return to normalcy in our schools and to not keep unvaccinated, asymptomatic individuals from missing in-person school time, the District will not follow this recommendation.

As always, we encourage eligible individuals to get vaccinated and we ask all parents to keep any student who is exhibiting new, unusual COVID-9 related symptoms home from school until they receive the results of a non-home COVID test.