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Averill Park CSD Families,

While we all continue to attempt to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in our community and keep our students and staff safe, we are asking parents to remember these key items:

  • If your child is ill or not feeling well with COVID-19 like symptoms, please keep your child home.
  • If your child has had COVID-19 like symptoms, in order for your child to return to school they will need a note from a doctor or a negative COVID-19 test This test must be a PCR test, not a rapid antigen test.
  • If a student or household member has received a COVID-19 test and is awaiting results, please keep student(s)/sibling(s) home until receiving a negative test result.

* Please Note: Rensselaer County is asking families to NOT use the Emergency Room for COVID-19 testing. As testing is increasing in the area, it is bottlenecking the local ER’s, which is extremely dangerous for those with acute medical issues. Instead, WellNow, pharmacies and doctor’s offices should be used for testing.

COVID 19 Reminder