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In February, Governor Hochul announced the new Master Teachers in New York State, which includes Averill Park High School technology teacher Matthew Duff and science teacher Louisa Sorriento.

Master Teachers are dedicated professionals who teach science, technology, computer science, robotics, coding, engineering, math, and integrated STEM courses throughout grades K-12 including Advance Placement, Honors, and Regents levels.

“I was both excited and relieved to receive the email that I had been selected to the Master Teacher Program,” Sorriento said.
Duff agreed, saying that he was relieved upon receiving the news.

“I applied over 2 years ago and the pandemic had slowed the process down dramatically,” he said. “Technology Education and Engineering is a vast field with the challenge of needing to be the expert in many different disciplines. Master Teacher is a great resource for professional development, which is essential for being the best Technology/Engineering teacher I can be for my students.”

The application process involves a content area test, an essay submission, professional references, and the presentation of a unique lesson to peers.

“My motivation for applying was in no small part due to the participation of fellow department members and what I witnessed in terms of the high level of professional development and the connections they made to other educators across the state,” state Sorriento, who is in her 26th year of teaching at Averill Park CSD. “I am not in any hurry to leave. I am excited for this opportunity to network with other professionals and the impact it will have on my classroom practices.”

Duff has been teaching at APCSD for 21 years.

“I am looking forward to this new opportunity,” he said.

“I am truly pleased to welcome Matthew and Louisa to this exciting and dynamic program where they will have the opportunity to work with like-minded K-12 STEM educators that exhibit similar levels of talent and passion – those that continually push the boundaries of their practice to create more powerful learning opportunities in our STEM classrooms. I offer my congratulations to them and the Averill Park Central School District for this honor and recognition,” said Josephine Salvador, Executive Director of the New York State Master Teacher Program.

Master Teachers