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The Averill Park Central School District will hold a Board of Education meeting on Monday, February 28. As part of the agenda (found here), which was made public at 4:00 p.m. today, a resolution (found here)regarding the wearing of masks will be discussed and brought to a vote.

As you may have seen, late this afternoon and after the agenda was made public, the CDC has recommended easing mask guidelines in public places, including schools. The Governor’s Office and NYS Department of Health have yet to make any changes to the mask mandate.

“We have advocated on behalf of our school community for a path forward, including a timeline so that we can prepare our students, families, and staff members. If approved, this resolution allows us to proactively prepare our community for if and when the mask mandate is removed,” Superintendent Dr. James Franchini said.

In the event of the mandate being revoked, the resolution states that the “School District will follow a ‘mask optional’ policy for staff, students, and visitors allowing each individual and/or student/parent/guardian to make the determination of whether to wear a mask in school based on their own choice. However, in the event any new lawful directives or conditions are issued, any such choice must be consistent with any new legal requirement that may be issued.”

As always, APCSD will follow all regulations and guidance provided by the Governor, as well as Federal and local Departments of Health. The District will continue to communicate any changes made to health and safety protocols as they happen.