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Good evening,

Earlier tonight, many individuals in the District received a series of disturbing emails appearing to have come from a student at the high school.

Once these emails were received, the District immediately began an investigation. We have confirmed the student on the account is safe and that the emails were the result of the account being hacked. Our Technology Department and Administration are working to further investigate this issue and put in the necessary safeguards to prevent it from happening again.

Some of the emails sent contained inappropriate images and hate speech, which will not be tolerated and those that create and send these types of messages will face consequences according to the student code of conduct, and may face criminal charges.

Out of concern, many people in our District contacted one of our administrators and/or law enforcement. We sincerely thank the many individuals who reached out in concern for the well-being of the student.

Finally, we apologize for any angst and stress these extremely inappropriate emails caused our community.