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Averill Park CSD is conducting its second annual Wellness Day across all levels, with the Middle School’s being held on March 9.

This event is focused on providing students with opportunities to explore topics and techniques to promote physical and emotional well-being.

On Wednesday, Averill Park High School science teacher Chris Reddy delivered the Keynote speech during the AMS event on the importance of sleep to the growing teenage brain. Breakout sessions included topics such as yoga, meditation, bucket drumming, community service, dance and movement, writing, mental health, healthy relationships, chess, board games, cursive writing, art making, crafting, cooking, college planning, open mic, karaoke, functional fitness, allyship for peers, nature hikes, knitting and much more.

The High School will hold its Wellness Day on March 25. Mr. Reddy will deliver a Keynote speech throughout the week of March 21-24, presenting to one grade level per day during advisory. During the week up to 4 tables will be set up in the cafeteria during lunch periods, where clubs or community organizations will provide wellness information/activities. On Friday, March 25, students will choose from wellness-themed workshops during the last 80 minutes of school.

The Elementary Schools are tentatively scheduled to hold a Wellness Day on May 5. Details are being finalized for this event.

Additionally, on March 30, there will be a presentation of SEL survey data and discussion. SEL Coaches will present the information learned from the student SEL survey and discuss opportunities for schools and families to work together to help students thrive socially and emotionally.

chris reddy keynote speech

students playing bucket drums

students playing games

students in gym